How Does Will Know That Vecna Is Alive, Explained

Even though the second volume of the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ only has two episodes, they are 1.25 hrs and 2.30 hrs long. ThisThis has allowed the creators of the show to fill these episodes with a variety of ideas, elevating it to a new level. TowardThe end of the season is upon us and the group is relieved to be able to kill. Vecna, a powerful entity from the Upside Down. However, Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) reveals to his friend Mike (Finn Wolfhard) that Vecna isn’t dead. IfYou may be wondering how WillWe have your back. SPOILERS Ahead

How Does Will Find OutThat Vecna Is Alive?

InIn the fourth season’s first volume, the audience is introduced a new antagonist. Upside Down. WhatSets VecnaApart from the other animals from the Upside DownHe appears to be humanoid. WhileThe DemogorgonsThey are also bipedal, which is where the similarities between them and humans begin and end. In contrast, VecnaCan speak English, is manipulative and always seems to be one step ahead of the group.

ItIt was revealed that VecnaIt is actually Henry Creel (Jamie Campbell Bower), an erstwhile resident of the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. In 1959, HenryMoved to HawkinsWith his family. TheCreels were hoping to start anew but ended up becoming the victims. Henry’s emerging psychopathic behavior. ThisWhen? HenryHe began to realize he had talents and used them to torture his family, killing his mother and sister and making sure his father would spend the rest his life behind bars.

Henry was taken in by Martin BrennerThe founder of a new program was. Hawkins LabIt is amazing to see gifted children as HenryWho became? Brennar’s first-ever test subject, the 001. However, BrennerSoon, we realized that something was not right with the system. OneA device was arranged. SoteriaTo be placed in One’s neck, so his powers could be suppressed. Ultimately1979. ElevenFree One, who attacked the other test subjects and killed most of them before ElevenSend him to the Upside Down.

HenryOr OneTransformed into VecnaDue to the environmental exposure Upside Down. ItIt is obvious that everything that is ElevenShe and her friends met from the Upside DownOriginally sent by Vecna. Earlier, DustinIt was speculated that if a DemogorgonA foot soldier VecnaIs a four-star general in The Mind Flayer’s army. In reality, VecnaActually, the Mind FlayerTaking inspiration from spiders.

In 1983, WillThe abducted him. DemogorgonTaken to the Upside Down. HeHe was finally rescued by his mother, and the police chief Hopper. NotEven after returning to the humanity side of things, Hawkins, WillIntense visions of the future began to occur. Mind Flayer. GivenThat we now know VecnaThe following was created: Mind Flayer, it’s safe to assume that he was also the source of the visions. SimilarlyWhen? WillAnd Billy HargroveThe possessed them. Mind FlayerThey were then controlled by Vecna.

How Does Will Know That Vecna Is Alive, Explained

Although WillIt’s no longer under Vecna’s control, the residue of the possession remains in his mind. SoWhen he returns to Hawkins, WillRealizes that VecnaIt is still alive. HisConfrontation Eleven and the others didn’t kill him. Because VecnaAt one point, he had this thought in his mind. WillKnows how the entity thinks. HeKnows that VecnaUnless he and his friends stop him, he will not stop.

With MaxTechnically dead for more than a minute Vecna’s ritual was complete, and now the entire town of HawkinsThis has been made into a huge gate for the Upside Down. AsThe snow-like substance starts to fall and the season ends. This further corrupts the landscape.

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