How Much Money Did Jho Low Steal? What is Jho Low’s Net Worth?

Although Low Taek JhoThe better known as Jho Low, isYou can find more information at MalaysianMillionaire businessman, the truth is he’s even suspected of being the brains behind a massive financial fraud unlike any other. After all, as exploredOn ABC’s ‘The Con: The Billion Dollar Con,’ he’s wanted by the authorities for a scheme that encircles not just overseas shell firms but also politicians as well as celebrities. So now, if you just wish to learn more about his career trajectory to figure out the specifics of his earnings, his theft, and his current possible net worth, we’ve got the necessary details for you.

How Did Jho Low Make His Money?

Born on November4, 1981, as the youngest child of three. Jho LowA very wealthy family. Malaysian ChineseFamily of Teochew descent who’ve actually managed to maintain a low profile. It’s thus no surprise he was able to attend the prestigious,Independent boarding establishment Harrow School in LondonBefore you enroll at Wharton SchoolThe UniversityOf Pennsylvania. He then kickstarted his work by reportedly blending his connections with his knack for investments — managing money for friends and family — only to gradually expand his personal resources.

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InIn fact, 2007 was almost here. JhoA group of investors was established alongside a MalaysianPrince, a KuwaitiSheikh, a friend of the undeniably wealthy from the United Arab Emirates. HeLater, it appears that he consolidated most of his fortune under. Jynwel CapitalAs the principal steward, he was involved in many billion-dollar acquisition deals. As if that’s not enough, the financier even helped launch the Red Granite Pictures production company — partOf why he was given a “special thanks” at the end of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ (2013).

ThereforeFrom casually hanging out at large names to Leonardo DiCaprio to dating supermodel Miranda Kerr, JhoHe did it all and was awarded the title of Asian Great Gatsby. ItHis involvement in the alleged government-run strategic company for development 1Malaysia Development BerhadHowever, it was (1MDB) that earned him international and national notoriety. According to reports, he never held an official position within the institution, yet he did serve as a “consultant” to mastermind the scheme for embezzling billions of dollars between 2009-2014.

How Much Money Did Jho Low Steal? What is Jho Low's Net Worth?
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1MDB’s original goal was to seek investments and initiatives for Malaysia’s growth, but the funds were actually rerouted through offshore bank accounts/shell corporations to benefit individuals. AccordingTo the US DepartmentOf JusticeThe total amount siphoned by Jhoas well as his conspirators, including officials is more than $4.5 billion — the individual distinction isIt is possible to get as close as $1 billion HoweverWe should also mention that reports can suggest the businessman isAlso, the beneficiary of many discretionary assets, all of them originating from the 1Malaysia Development Berhad fund.

Jho Low’s Net Worth

From$100 million is an investment Red Granite PicturesGift giving Miranda Kerr$8 million worth of jewelry and the opportunity to build a portfolio that includes global real estate. You can also spend money on a yacht, a private plane, original paintings, or a collection of worldwide real estate. Jho LowHe allegedly did everything possible to launder money. ThisThat was all that he was before inquiries into the matter began late in 2010s. Despite his claims to innocence, he ended up being a fugitive when he was facing criminal charges in both MalaysiaThe US. NeverthelessFrom what we know, JhoHis net worth has allowed him to continue living a lavish lifestyle. is still over $150 million; plus, he’s also believed to be residing somewhere in ChinaThese are the days.

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