How Technology Has Changed The Sports Industry In Maryland

The sports industry in Maryland has been thriving. After all, two of the most popular professional sports teams, the Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles, call the state home, which makes betting a pretty popular activity therein.

Sports betting is legal in Maryland but the state is still working on legalizing retail and online betting so punters will have a plethora of options in time to come. BetMGM Maryland is expected to go live in late 2022 and is just one of the many platforms which would be available to bettors and sports fans.

Advancements in technology have made integration a lot easier, so the transition should be a smooth one. Developers are likely to be working on software and apps so that folks will have access to online and mobile gaming portals, as well as the great bonuses enjoyed by many within other states. 

While those are still in the making, Maryland can still boast a few technological forrays. 

Artificial intelligence has come to the fore in more than a few ways, with virtual reality and augmented reality becoming popular in the gaming sphere. This has made platforms way more popular as users now have added options as outlets offering VR and AR have built a better, more realistic form of gaming that allows for a lifelike experience all while in the comfort of one’s own home. 

People no longer have to leave the house to visit a casino or similar establishment unless they’re keen on the social aspect, which has been cut down in recent years anyway due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once online betting goes live in Maryland, residents can expect online casinos to follow.

The emergence of fantasy sports is one of the biggest and one of the most enjoyed among sports fans in the state. 

This wing of the industry allows for the creation of custom online teams built by users. Technological upgrades have made it easier for players to predict outcomes and decide on who to put in their teams. 

“Bettors have for years been trying to process a heap of data in a bid to predict the outcome of future matches and win lots of money,” an excerpt from a blog on explains. “They’ve examined first and second serve percentages in tennis, the number of aces, backhand winners, and so on in an effort at predicting sports outcomes.

“Ultimately, though, a human can’t process as much data as an AI-driven football algorithm prediction can, and neither can they accurately predict enough matches so as to become millionaires (ha). They’re always hamstrung by their human limitations—and thus most won’t become millionaires.

“AI can’t accurately predict the outcome of every single match either. But it can get much closer than a human can with a predicting algorithm.”

News also comes almost immediately, so users could be informed as to who’s injured or might not be playing a particular game due to some other reason.

There is no longer a delay when it comes to information dissemination and no need to wait for a paper or an anchor to get on television at a certain time. News has been around the clock on TV for a while yet most people aren’t seated in front of their sets all day so they can rely on smartphones to deliver information as soon as something happens. 

Of course, one could check in with their favorite sports website, app, or social media platform to find out what’s going on, but there’s still no need for that as online resources are able to send push notifications to get a user up to speed right away.

The internet has made all this possible but online technology has been improving steadily to accommodate the transmission of pertinent information almost instantly.

The live streaming of sports has also become pretty big. Folks no longer have to depend on cable companies to get their sports content and can simply subscribe to services such as ESPN+, Sling TV, Peacock, and FuboTV, among others.

Nowadays, plenty of betting apps provide live streaming and all you have to do is place a bet in order to have access to a certain event. 

Whether it be football, baseball, basketball, soccer, boxing, tennis, golf, or wrestling, live streaming options cover them all, plus more. This will make betting a lot more attractive when it rolls out in states such as Maryland. 

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