How to beat Arzhan-Tin, The Ceaseless Fury in Salt and Sacrifice

Not lengthy after exploring Ashbourne Village and dealing with Uryks Necklace-of-Ears, you’ll begin Salt and Sacrifice’s first Mage Hunt. The Mages are the primary villains of this recreation, and there’s an entire military of them. Arzhan-Tin The Ceaseless Fury is first, and his pyromancer talents will fry you in the event you’re not cautious. Here’s how to take down your first Mage.

Most bosses in the sport have assault choices for any distance between the participant and themselves, and Arzhan-Tin is not any totally different. At a protracted distance, he can solid flames that erupt from the bottom in columns — search for the glowing spots on the bottom and keep away from standing on them to hold your self wholesome. He may ship a cluster of fireballs gliding throughout the sector. These transfer slowly sufficient that timing a dodge roll via them isn’t too dangerous.

At a medium distance, Arzhan-Tin can spray a path of fireplace in an arc immediately in entrance of him, and you will have two choices for avoiding it. If you possibly can dodge via him to assault from behind, go for it — the fireplace path is gradual, leaving you loads of time for counters. If you’re not shut sufficient, roll again and look forward to the warmth to subside. Finally, Arzhan-Tin has a sword he’ll swing once you’re in shut quarters. The swipes could be averted by rolling in both course, however once more it’s higher to get behind him and go on the offensive.

Arzhan-Tin is the primary Mage, however he’s nonetheless a problem. His flaming assaults are very telegraphed, so you have to be fantastic so long as you’re not grasping. Attack when you possibly can, and the fury can be ceased.

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