How to beat the Sorcerer in Eiyunden Chronicle: Rising

CongratulationsYou have done it to theFinal boss. The Sorcererhas taken over theBody of Isha’s father DaksaYou must take him down. The SorcererFighting is split into two distinct forms, which makes it possible to have two completely different fights.

TheFirst form is the SorcererAs DaksaHe floats, casting various spells. HeWill shoot lightning bolts down starting theSky, but similar toA red line will be drawn if a previous boss is fighting a red line toWear theBolt will land. The SorcererThere is also an ice spell, which can be more or lesser. theComplete opposite of his lightning spell. HeThrough giant ice shards across theScreen horizontally giving theRed line warning the same as the lightning attack. ThisIt is a more difficult attack to dodge as you can’t jump over it. IfHe does it. to aim high where you’re already on the ground that’s great, but if not you’re going toHave to put your dodging skill to the test. Whether that be CJ’s quickstep, Garoo’s block or Isha’s teleport that will be theThe ideal way to avoid the attack. WeRecommend using Garoo’s block as there is no timing involved inYou will succeed, but if you feel more at ease with another character, then feel free toIt’s possible to do it the other way.

The Sorcerer’s fire attack is similar to the Blizzard BrothersExcept that this time, it is fireballs rather than ice that are following you. ThisIt is the Sorcerer’s worst attack so it is always a good sign toSee this. LastlyHe also has an earth spell, which is more of a defensive than an offensive move. ByHe will protect the earth wall by summoning an earth wall theFront of him making it so that you need to destroy thewall the attack him inA more exposed state. It isn’t necessary if you can attack him from behind, but it is a more straightforward option.

OnceHe was defeated in his first form the SorcererThis giant dark, energy-rich ball of energy will be transformed into a multi-armed, multi-armed entity. ThisHe will be protected in a way that is unlike any before. WhileHe is protected, he will keep him above and partly out of danger the screen so the best way you can hit him is using your link attack which at this point if you’ve been doing side quests has theCapacity toLink five to six times. WhileWhile he is not near you, he will summon dark husk foes for you. toYou can kill as well as shoot the dark orbs down. Wherever theOrbs land that you will suffer damage over time if your stand in them. ByOne of the following: the two platforms available to you, theIt is possible to avoid an attack by standing underneath one of them and using the umbrella as a cover.

AfterIf you have enough time, or if it is too late, the Sorcerer’s shield he will come down and expose himself completely. DuringHe does this again theSame attacks as before. WhenYou get his health toHalf of you will enter his second phase. In theIn the second phase, he’ll use an arm strike that lands near his target. theMitte of theScreen and will send a shockwave toward theThe outer part of the screen.

WhenHe finally loses his entire health. Congratulations! theStory of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

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