How to catch a Lapras wearing a scarf in Pokémon Go

Many Pokémon appearing in Pokémon GoThis will usually occur for aEventually, limited time is a problem. Pokémon. TheCostumed Pokémon spawn for specific events, and catching while they’re active is essential. If you’re looking toAdd a Lapras wearing a scarf to your collection, you’ll want toAct fast InIn this guide, you will learn how to catch a Lapras wearing a scarf in Pokémon Go.

How to catch Lapras wearing a scarf

Lapras wearing a scarfThe following will be displayed during the Water Festival 2022 event. ForThis was the occasion Lapras wearing a scarfIt will be available inParticular spawns Youcan catchIt by completing specific Field ResearchTasks and finding it in three-star raids. TheThree-star raids are the most viable option toContact Lapras wearing a scarfBecause you’ll see it hovering over the Gym.

If you prefer not toUse a Raid PassOr a Remote Raid Pass, Lapras wearing a scarfIt will be available inThe Field ResearchTasks that you are looking for to catch 25 Pokémon to complete. YouThese can be found at PokéStops and Gyms throughout your local area. These will be available throughout the Water Festival 2022 event, which will be happening from May 12 to 20. Following the event’s conclusion, Lapras wearing a scarf will no longer spawn,And those Field ResearchThe rotation will be ended when the tasks are completed.

OfThere are two options, but the best is the three-star attack. toEarn this Pokémon. TheThe problem is that you have to be there. toHave a Raid Pass available. AlternativelyYou have one chance to catch Lapras wearing a scarfComplete the following form during the event Water Festival: Catch Challenge Timed ResearchThe event will also see the launch of, Lapras wearing a scarfIs aYou don’t have to be a recipient to receive a reward. to complete the challenge’s requirements.

YouYou have until the end Water Festival2022 event May 20 to catch Lapras wearing a scarf. We can confirm there’s aChance for you to catch aShiny version of this costume Pokémon.

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