How to change chat text color in Valorant

SometimesThe smallest changes can attract the most attention. ForFor example, imagine if you were reading an article such as this and it suddenly changed. colorYou would be attracted to that. text. ForThere was a way. to changeYour text in ValorantIt has been removed, however, via a patch. WhileYou can’t change your mind. chat text color in ValorantHere’s what you need to know about the situation.

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InIt was discovered in 2021 ValorantThe players were able to to changeThe textThat chatDisplayed inYou can create a -game using just a few HTML codes. AllYou had toDo you want to include your text inThe code would be displayed at the middle inThat colorFor others to see. UnfortunatelyThis was an unintended feature. Riot GamesLater, I patched it up with an update toThe game. NowYou cannot continue to do so change text color.

How to change chat text color in Valorant
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TheCodes that can be used toThen activate the textBelow are the changes:

  • Blue – <team>TEXT</>
  • Green – <notification>TEXT</>
  • Pink – <warning>TEXT</>
  • Red – <enemy>TEXT</>
  • Yellow – <system>TEXT</>

While Riot Games made sure toTake the change chat text colorYou can always take advantage of the game and put it back. in. SpeakingAlthough this may seem speculative, it is more likely to be a wishful thinking than anything.

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