How to complete the Jekyll & Hyde Challenge in BitLife

TheWeekend has arrived and with it, theNext BitLife ChallengeFor you toTry these suggestions complete. Upon finishing it, you’ll earn a cosmetic reward you can wear on any of theYou can add characters to your profile This weekend’s challenge is called the Jekyll & Hyde Challenge, in this guide, we’re going toAll of it theTasks you require to completeIt in BitLife.

How to complete the Jekyll & Hyde Challenge

TheseAre all of the tasks you’ll need toDo while you are working the Jekyll & Hyde Challenge.

  • BeBorn a male
  • BecomeA chemical engineer
  • HavePerfect relationships with 10+ close friends
  • MurderClubbing 3+ people

The first thing you’ll need toThis is what you should do to meet the challenge toBe born a man YouYou can do this right before creating a new existence and starting to play as a new character. TheyYou can be born inAny country.

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