How to complete Wack-A-Wuggy in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

The Wack-a-WuggyActivity is the second most important game Mommy Long LegsHas for you in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. You’ll need to completeThis activity toReceive the next part of the train code toContinue reading the story. The Wack-a-WuggyYou will be tested on your reaction time to completeThis is the challenge. InIn this guide, you will learn how to complete Wack-a-Wuggy in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

How to complete Wack-a-Wuggy

A WuggyToys will be released from one of the 18 holes in the arena. You’ll need toGrab your grab bag toThey will be hit and thrown back into the hole. UnfortunatelyThe room will be darkened with very little natural light. toThere are no lights available to see, meaning you’ll have toRely on the sounds WuggyAs they move through the pipes, toys make noises.

(*2*)How to complete Wack-A-Wuggy in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2


The best way toTry it and enjoy the WuggyToys inThe dark is toLook out for their unique colors and yellow gloves. These will stick out the most while you’re moving inA circle. WeAlso, avoid moving around in the arena from the corners. InsteadTry toConcentrate on the centrality of the area and work towards toThey should be thrown back in their holes.

BeforeThey will jump on you and make a slow growling noise, giving away their location. When they do this, it’s easier to pin their location, but you’ll have seconds toYou must react quickly to avoid being attacked. It’s easy for many of them toPrepare toJump and overwhelm them before you can force them back into their holes.

WhenOnce you reach the end of each game, the lights will go out again. Mommy Long LegsThe second part of the train code will be provided to you.

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