How To Connect Samsung TV To Wi-Fi Without A Remote

The Samsung Smart TV isn’t so “smart” without internet connectivity. IfYou thought that the Smart TVCould not be more advanced. You discover that it’s connected to the internet. YouYou can find information online and download streaming applications for your most beloved shows. Samsung TVTo an internet-connected network

When you’ve established a WIFI internet connection, you can effortlessly browse the web or stream your preferred entertainment, and even play online games on Your Samsung Smart TV. YouYou can also use it to enable InternetServices such as NetflixHULU via TV.

HereLearn How To Connect Samsung TV To Wi-Fi Without A Remote?

How To Connect Samsung TV To Wi-Fi Without A Remote

Physical Buttons

TheMost efficient way to navigate your home Samsung TVIt would be possible to use the physical buttons, or in some cases just one button, or an analogue joystick, without a remote. HoweverThis method is not very effective. LookFor the Power On/OffSwitch on the bottom or the back of your computer TV’s panel. WhenThe panel will open when you press the button. TVIt will turn on.

InMost models with a physical switch, the TVYou can only change the basic options (change channels, volume, source) you aren’t capable of navigating the menus and connecting to a Wi-Fi network that isn’t known. If you want your television to be connected to a previously-remembered Wi-Fi and can’t switch the TVYou can use the one button on the bottom or back of the remote to control the volume. TV.

Samsung Smart TV Application – SmartThings

Samsung Smart TV Application - SmartThings

Samsungis a major brand that consumers love and has a unique app called SmartThings to control household appliances Samsung Smart TVs. ToUse this app on your smartphone and your TVThe one with the app installed must be linked via Wi-Fi. ThisThis means that you can’t use this app to link your devices TVA new Wi-Fi network; however, there’s a solution you can test. To do this, it’s necessary to have two phones: your phone equipped with an app called the Samsung Smart TVapp and another phone that will be used as an internet hotspot to mobile devices.

SettingThis is the most important step of the process. It’s not enough to enable the Mobile HotspotOn the phone, you must change the password as well as the name of the hotspot in order to match the username/password for a Wi-Finetwork already remembered by the television (it might be the last network that your TVYour network was connected to. TVwas connected to before). ThisIt is so that you TVIt can be connected with the Hotspot’s Wi-Fi seamlessly.

AfterYou have installed the SmartAfter installing Things on your phone, set up a hotspot to your other phone. You will be able activate the hotspot and toggle the device. TV on. The TVYour hotspot will be connected immediately. ItIt is recommended to connect your smartphone (the device that has) SmartThings) SmartThings app) to the exact same hotspot. SinceYour phone and TVBoth are connected to the same wireless network. YouThe app can be used to manage your health TV.

TheYou can open the app and then go to DashboardVerify that your TVIt is listed in the application. IfDon’t worry, just click on DevicesIf so, Add New Device. AfterThe app has now added the TVYou will be able navigate through the list by adding items to it. TV’s settings, locate your Wi-FiSetup, look for networks that are available and then link your devices. TVYour Wi-Fi network.

IfYour Samsung TVConnects to a New Wi-Finetwork, you can turn off your hotspot and then connect your smartphone to that network to regain control of your device TV.

Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

UtilizingA wireless or wired keyboard or mouse is one of the most affordable options. It’s just like purchasing a universal remote but with more options. TheThere is one problem: not all keyboards or mice can be used with each other. Samsung televisions.

IfYou have an appropriate keyboard (preferably). Samsung Smart Wireless Keyboard), HereThese are the steps to follow to get to your goal. SamsungSmart TV Wi-FiIn the absence a remote, the keyboard and mouse are used.

  • ConnectThe mouse and keyboard are required to access the TVA USB transmitter that includes a keyboard and mouse can be used to plug into any of the USB ports. TV. You can connect your keyboard or mouse, and you’re set to go.
  • OnceYour keyboard is connected TVIt will allow you to navigate the settings. ScrollIt is now down to GeneralChoose the network and then Network SettingsIn Settings. ThenIf you want to connect to this website, you will be asked. WirelessOr a Wired network. Select Wireless.
  • You’ve got your TVGet connected to Wi-FiYou can manage your finances by following these steps. TVUse the keyboard and mouse

ConnectWith Ethernet Cable

Connect with Ethernet Cable

There’s nothing to worry about if you can’t find a wireless or wired keyboard or mouse. AnotherMethod of connecting with Wi-FiBy using an EthernetCable (assuming you have TVIt is equipped with the Ethernet port). The EthernetConnectors are more efficient, faster, and provide better signal stability. ItIt can be used as a permanent solution or temporary solution, depending upon the location of your router.

IfIf your router is located far from your home, and you don’t want to deal with wiring, you can bring your router. TVThe shorter distance to the router to connect via it Ethernet cable. You don’t have to worry about it – you’re going to be leaving your TV there. ThisIt is only the first step.

IfYou can connect your TV to your router via this EthernetCable is the best way to connect your devices. TVTurn on the router by pressing the physical button. TV). The TVThe internet will then be connected to it as an Ethernet connection doesn’t require the use of a password.

Then, you’ll need now to install the Samsung SmartThings apply. InstallInstall it on your phone. BeginFollow the steps to sign in and take control of your account. TV. AfterOnce the initial app configuration has been completed, you can use it to manage your account. TVNavigate to settings OpenConnect to the network by changing the network settings Wi-Fi.

WhenYou can connect the TV’s Wi-FiIt is the Wi-FiNetwork will be remembered. PleaseTurn off the TVReconnect it to the router and place it back in its original position. IfYou can restart it. TVShould be connected Wi-FiBy itself.


Now, can you still claim that you don’t know how to connect your SamsungTelevision via Wi-FiWithout the remote control? If you’ve reached this point, then you’re losing the Samsung remote shouldn’t cause any problems. FollowYou will have no issues following the steps described in the preceding paragraphs.

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