How to defeat the Blizzard Brothers in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

The Blizzard Brothers are the third important boss struggle in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising whom you will discover in The Snowpeaks. At first impression by the identify, you’d assume that the Blizzard Brothers are two completely different threats you’re preventing without delay. Well in actuality they’re two beings connected to the similar physique. This can also be the first boss struggle the place they don’t seem to be shielded.

The brothers are positioned “behind” you so you’ll be able to transfer freely throughout the display. You can be ready to inform which brother is attacking primarily based on whose eyes are glowing. One brother has yellow eyes whereas the different has blue.

Both brothers have a novel means. The yellow-eyed brother will summon ice balls that can attempt to observe and hit you with an opportunity of freezing you. If you’re frozen you’ll be able to transfer round to try to get out sooner. The blue-eyed brother will blow ice on the floor damaging you in case you stand there at any time. They each are ready to summon enemies to struggle towards you as effectively.

Once you defeat them, it is possible for you to to come again to struggle them once more at a excessive degree. It received’t pertain to the important story, however it should assist with aspect quests in some unspecified time in the future in case you’re planning to full all of them.

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