How to defeat the Kagerou Demon in Trek to Yomi

It doesn’t take too long toBeat Trek to Yomi, but you’ll still have to face your nemesis before theCredits roll. By theTime for you to return to your village for the final confrontation, you’ll have faced bosses like the Sanjuro Demon, but the Kagerou DemonThis is a whole new ball game. Here’s how toTake him down.

PhaseOne is just like any other samurai duels. KagerouBoth basic heavy swipes and multi-hit combos are available. WhenYou see that distinctive glint? Be ready toParry and Counter the heavier attacks. ThisHere’s your chance to deal major damage. The combo is a lot trickier — if you mess that up, you’re inMultiple stab wounds. FortunatelyYour health is restored by parries, counters, and other activities. Focus on those, don’t get greedy with your returning hits, and you’ll strike Kagerou down. FeelFree toYou also have a lot of tools that can be used to attack him with ranged strikes. toWork with.

PhaseTwo is where KagerouYou can become a demon. HisBody will ignite in flames, and he’ll gain some magical new attacks. TheFirst, a ring of energy explodes inA small burst. WhenYou see theRoll away from the white ring that forms around you. KagerouAlso, you can conjure oil or flames. the ground. TheseIt will disappear in a second, so stay away from that section. thearena until they go out of business. FinallyHe may rise into the air before exploding with a burst of energy — back off when you see him lift up. OtherwiseYou want? toUse theSimilar parries, counters and ranged attack to keep dealing damage.

TheLast thing to know is that he’ll summon help when his second-phase health bar is about half depleted. You’ve faced enemies like theOnes he summons before, so stand firm and trade parries or counters toThey should be disposed of quickly ThisAnother great opportunity is toTake care of your health before you go Kagerou jumps back in.

By the time you face this final boss, you’ll have come a long way. Remember toThese parries are yours! to keep yourself healthy while you do damage, and you’ll come out on top.

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