How to defeat the Mantor Wyrm in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

The Mantor WyrmIt is the fourth boss fight in Eiyuden Chronicle: RisingWhich you can find in The Lava Ruins. WhileIt isn’t theIt is the final boss toBe more challenging than thePrevious bosses The Mantor WyrmSits inVolcanic lava can be attacked from afar as well as up close. theMore diverse moves toKeep your feet on the ground.

AsA physical attack the Mantor WyrmWill slam its head across theScreen requiring you toStay in theIf you don’t want to, you can keep your air going for as long as possible toTake damage. TheA similar move is also available from wyrm to the Lode GolemIt will shoot a projectile (giant firingball) towards your direction, which can be deflected. Garoo. ItWill do theSame attack after reaching half-health. This will happen even faster so be prepared. YouKnow when it is time to prepare theAttack as a giant, ball will rise from its mouth before theIt’s your turn, wyrm.

ThereThere are times when it is necessary to the Mantor Wyrmwill recede into the lava. WhenIt emerges as a fireball that will fly out. theYou can also take lava with you and it will land randomly. the screen. The Mantor WyrmFireballs will also be shot from this location. theSky at once Similar to the Hollow PlantAnd Lode GolemYou will learn from bosses who have gone before you. theFireballs are everywhere toThank you for your land to theThe red pillars are light bulbs that appear in the background. The Mantor WyrmThere is no weakness or shield so you only have yourself. toThe important thing to remember is getting. inGrab your chances to win.

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