How To Delete Multiple Facebook Friends At Once

YouYour account may have to be deleted Facebook friends. This guide will show you how to avoid negativity, oversharing and random work “friends.”

So HereLearn How to delete multiple FacebookAll your friends at once

YouYou might be asking yourself these questions: HowDid I make friends with him? AreYou even know her? Are you going to let my niece’s best friend’s boyfriend see everything? WeWe are here to help.

Social media can be an excellent way to interact, learn, and share with people you already know and extend networks of people you don’t. SocialMedia can also be a great place to make noise, share too much, and have arguments. FacebookThis is a striking example right now. HoweverMany of the claims that you may have heard about are true. FacebookThis could be false.

How To Delete Multiple Facebook Friends At Once?

ThisThis article will demonstrate how to mass delete Facebook friends. Let’s get started:

#1 Delete Friends On Facebook Traditionally

Facebook doesn’t allow you to delete all of your friends at once. YouYou can either delete each friend individually, or unfriend them all. ToDo this by following the steps below.

1. OpenThe Facebook appOr visit the Facebook page. Login to create an account.

2. GoRegister to create your profile To open your Facebookaccount, click on Username on the homepage.

3. ToOpen your friend list and click the FriendsClick here once you have landed on your profile page.

4. ScrollScroll down to find the friend that you want to delete. Or, you can use the search bar in the friends’ section.

5. OnceOnce you have located the person click the Friends tab. YouYou will see the UnfriendOption. Click it.

6. ClickHere Confirm ToTake this friend out.

7. RepeatSteps 4-6 for each person you wish to remove Facebook Friends list.

ThisFriends can only be removed from you by this method Facebook. YouYou will need 100 repeats to delete 100 friends from your friend list. ThereThere is no way around it. Facebook does not provide an easy way to remove multiple friends, but that’s why we’re here. TheNext section will be about an extension that allows us all to remove your FacebookAll your friends at once

#2. Use Chrome Extension To Remove Multiple Facebook Friends At One Time

NOTE – I do not recommend third-party extensions or tools that may compromise your privacy and personal information.

To unfriend all your friends at once, you’ll need to install the Friends Remover FreeExtension on Chrome. FollowThese steps:

1. OpenYour Chrome browser. ThisExtension is available only for FirefoxOnly one browser. If you don’t have ChromePlease install it.

2. GoTo the Chrome Web StoreClick or click the Friends Remover Free extension.

3. AfterClick on the icon to install the extension PuzzleiconClick on the following link: Friends Removal Free.

4. YouTwo tabs will be displayed. YouTwo tabs will be displayed. ClickThe following are the first to open the friend list.

5. Next, click on the button that reads – Step 2 – Unfriend All.

ClickFollow the link for all your FacebookFriends will disappear instantly YouAlso, you can use ChromeExtensions allow you to perform the same function with just a few clicks. Mass Friends Deleter Friend Removal Free.


  • ThereThere are browser extensions that claim to be capable of removing multiple items. FacebookAll your friends at once HoweverThere aren’t many positive reviews, and most require access to your entire account. Facebook account. ThisThis is not the best solution.
  • YouYou cannot reverse an unfriending act by not re-friending that person.

TheThe best way to remove friends is using the two methods outlined above Facebook.

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