How To Enable Google Calendar Dark Mode

Don’t you think GoogleCalendar is one the most powerful tools available. Google? WellYes, it is. In 2017 GoogleIt has launched an amazing upgrade to its mobile and web calendar app. ThisUpgrade brought many new improvements such as the GoogleCalendar dark mode, one among the most recent updates. HoweverThis dark mode was available in different web apps, such as YouTube, Google NewsChats,

ThoughAlthough this feature has been around for a long time, few people are aware of it. Google calendar dark mode. With GoogleCalendars allow you to manage your time and keep you organized. IfYou can use GoogleCalendar, then, you must know what it has to give and what its capabilities are.

ToAllow Google Calendar dark mode, you’ll have to manually toggle it on. Every time you swap your desktop or ChromebookYou can choose from different themes, including dark or light ones.

BesidesThis is one of the coolest features, which allows you to add your work place directly from the calendar. SoIf you are interested in trying the dark mode out, GoogleThis post is for you.

Why Should You Enable Google Dark Mode?

How To Enable Google Calendar Dark Mode? 

WeOur eyes are severely affected by the fact that we spend so much time staring at screens. TheDark mode reduces strain on the eyes from the blue screen. SoYou can protect your eyes by turning on the dark mode. 

Besides Google CalendarApps like Twitter, Reddit, YouTube have the dark mode as an option for both their mobile apps and their websites.

ApartYou can also remove the blue light by switching to the dark mode. DoYou know that you can get rid it. SimpleSimply enable the Night ShiftYou are now ready to go! This Night ShiftIt is applicable to both iOS & macOS. ButIf you use WindowsThen you can simply enable the Night Light.

ToBe honest DarkMode is super cool. PeopleThey are drawn to dark themes and this is now a common trend.

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How To Get Google Calendar Dark Mode On Android?

How To Get Google Calendar Dark Mode On Android?

IfYou have GoogleCalendar on your AndroidN and above versions can be used dark themes. HereThese are the steps you need to take:

  1. FromThe apps section is located on your AndroidLaunch the device GoogleCalendar app.
  2. FromIn the upper left-hand corner of your screen, click on Menu icon.
  3. NowScroll down and select the Settings option.
  4. OnNext screen, you need to press the General option.
  5. NowClick here Theme option.
  6. YouYou will be prompted to select the option from a pop-up. Dark.
  7. NowYou have now enabled dark mode in your browser Google calendar.

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How To Get Google Calendar Dark Mode On iOS Devices?

AtThe moment GoogleCalendar has not yet released dark mode on the iOS platform. SoYou can also turn on the dark mode of your iPhone or iPad.

  1. LaunchThe SettingsMenu on your iPhone/iPad
  2. ChooseThe options display and brightness.
  3. UnderIn the appearance section, choose the dark option.
  4. OpenYou can access the calendar app in dark mode.

BesidesYou can also enable dark mode with the following methods.

  1. You can use the command “Hey Siri, turn on the dark mode” and turn on the dark mode on your iOS
  2. TheThe next step is to open your control center. ThenYou must hold onto the brightness adjuster. ThenSelect the dark option. YouThe dark option is now available on the latest iOS devices via the control center.

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How To Turn Off Google Calendar Dark Mode?

How To Enable Google Calendar Dark Mode? 

IfYou want to turn on Google CalendarHere are some simple steps to get out of dark mode

  1. OnKeep your smartphone open Google Calendar app.
  2. NextClick on the three bar icon located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. ThenChoose the Settings option.
  3. NowClick on GeneralMode, then on Themes. ChooseYou can choose either system default or light. You are done.

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Wrapping Up:

So that’s all you need to know about the Google calendar dark mode. YouFollow the steps to enable the dark mode. TodayThe dark mode on GoogleCalendars and other apps are gaining popularity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Enable Dark Mode On Your PC?

ThoughYou can access GoogleCalendar from your PC does not support dark themes by default SoThis means you will need to switch on the night mode.

  1. OnYour WindowsClick on the notification icon in your PC. YouThis icon is located in the lower right corner of your screen. ThenChoose the Night Light option.
  2. IfYou want to activate the dark mode on your computer. MacYou will then need to pull down on the Apple menu. ThenClick on the System Preferences option followed by General Option. NowChoose dark under the appearance option

Q. How To Make The Google Calendar Widget Dark?

IfIf you’re using android version 10 or higher, the widgets will appear in dark mode. ButThis will only happen if the dark theme or battery saver is turned on in the system settings. WhenIf you disable the darkmode feature, you will get the light modes on the screen again. GoogleCalendar widget

IfiOS 13 and higher uses the system appearance on your iPad and iPhone. WhenYou can disable the darkmode feature on your personal phone. This will change the darkmode widget to the lighter widget.

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