How to execute a link attack in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

As a2.5D action roleplaying video game that lacks inThere are many weapon types available for each character. Eiyuden Chronicle: RisingImplemented the link attacksystem to help make combat more diverse and it isn’t hard to master.

AtThe beginning of Eiyuden Chronicle: RisingAccess is not your only right. toCJ is the main protagonist. However, you will make progress as you go. GarooAnd IshaI will be there with you. EachCharacters have their attacks set to aClick on the button. WhatThis button may not be available depending on which platform you are using RisingYou will be told which game you are playing. a tutorial screen.

AfterYou attackWith aThe character you want toNow press the attackFor another character, click the button toSwitch them out toFollow up. InitiallyYou are not capable of doing so. to link attackYou will be able to do it twice. toAs you complete each stamp card, you will be able to do it more often.

StampCards start at the silver tier, then gold, platinum and black according to their respective tiers. AdditionallyAs you learn the ability toYou can do both upwards and downwards aerial attacks. executeThey were there during linkAttacks are also possible LinkAttacks are a pretty straightforward mechanic and while it isn’t crucial toIt can bring you great things. aYou can also take on additional challenges. HoweverMastering is the key to success linkCombat does make it more fun.

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