How to fix Discord Stuck on RTC Connecting Windows

WebRTC is essential for communication. If it goes down, Discord can be affected. It is simple to fix.

Discord uses WebRTC for voice communication. It allows you to communicate with family and friends via your PC. Discord can sometimes get stuck at “RTC Connecting” When this happens, Discord will stop allowing you to talk.

Most cases can be solved by switching to a different server region. Sometimes, however, the problem can be more severe. If you’re also experiencing the problem and it doesn’t resolve by changing the server region, you should follow this article’s steps.

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How To Fix Discord Stuck on RTC Connecting

Preliminary Fixes

It is important to check for microphone and camera problems before attempting to troubleshoot the network. This can be done by using WebRTC Troubleshooter. If your microphones or cameras malfunction, you should first fix the hardware or software problem.

It is also important to ensure that Discord does not cause the problem. You can verify this by visiting the Status page. You can continue with the rest of your fixes if neither Discord’s hardware nor Discord’s end are the problems.

Restart Discord App and your PC

Sometimes all it takes to get something working again is to restart it: restart Discord and your operating system to ensure that the error is not temporary.

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Change date and time

It is essential to have the correct date and hour set on your computer. Although it may seem unlikely, having the wrong date and time can cause problems. It is important to rule this out.

Start the Internet Troubleshooter and Restart your Router

Start by rebooting your router. Next, test other applications on the same network. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, run the Windows internet troubleshooter.

Go to Windows Settings click Update and Safety. Navigate to Troubleshoot on the left-sidebar. Select Additional troubleshooters. Click on the Internet Connections, and then click Run Troubleshooter.

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Deactivate any active VPN services

Discord uses the UDP protocol to send and receive voice data. Discord will not work over VPN connections if your VPN doesn’t support this protocol.

You can temporarily disable VPN to test if the problem is solved. You can either change your VPN settings or use Discord to solve the problem. Continue to implement the other fixes if it doesn’t.

Flush the DNS Cache

When you flush the DNS cache, all DNS records and IP addresses are deleted. Since all lookup information has been deleted, the device will need to locate a new DNS address. A fresh fetching could help establish a stronger connection with the servers. This will allow for smoother communication via WebTRC. A fresh fetch can solve the problem.

These steps will help you clean your DNS cache

  1. In the Windows search box, type “cmd.”
  2. Right-click on the Command prompt app and choose Run administrator.
  3. Type “ipconfig /flushdns” Hit Enter . (You must note the space between “ipconfig” And “/flushdns” ).

Reboot both Discord and your PC. Check to see if the problem is resolved. If flushing the DNS cache does not solve the problem, you can change DNS servers.

DNS Servers can be changed

Data loading is much quicker when upgrading to a more powerful DNS server. This improves web surfing and data transmission. It has a good chance of solving this problem.

These steps will allow you to change your DNS server:

  1. By pressing Win+ I, you can open the Settings application.
  2. Go to Network & Internet.
  3. Navigate to WiFi using the left-sidebar
  4. Click on the WiFi connection.
  5. Click Edit under IP Settings.
  6. Then, set the IP settings From Automated (DHCP) To Manual.
  7. Depending on which connection your router/ISP supports, you can switch on either the IPv4 toggle or IPv6 toggle.
  8. Enter to access preferred DNS, and to access Alternate DNS.
  9. Click Save .

If the problem persists, restart your internet and run Discord again. You can also disable IPv6 support from your router or ISP. This could cause connectivity issues. Sometimes, changing DNS servers will fix the problem. If that fails, you can try disabling High Packet Priority QoS in Discord.

Disable QoS High Priority Packet

QoS High Packet Priority, one of Discord’s features, signals routers that the app’s packets are being treated as high priority. This feature speeds up Discord’s transmission, improving the user experience. If your internet connection is slow, you can enable this option to have the opposite effect.

Discord warns you that this feature could cause problems with your router. It is located right below the point where you turn it off. It’s worth switching it off. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Click on User Options (gear icon), at the bottom-left corner of Discord.
  2. Navigate to Video in App Settings.
  3. Find the Quality of Service settings.
  4. For safety reasons, disable the toggle “Enable Quality Service High Packet Priority”

If QoS is not disabled, whitelist Discord in Windows Firewall to temporarily disable Windows Firewall.

Discord with Whitelist in Windows Firewall

Discord whitelisting in Windows Firewall removes the possibility that Firewall may block or restrict Discord.

You can whitelist it by going to the Windows search bar and typing “Allow an App through Windows Firewall.” “

Clicking on the settings location will take you directly to the list allowed apps in Windows Firewall in Control Panel. To make changes, click Change settings. Select Discord from the list, and then check the boxes for Private or Public.

Click on if it isn’t already. Allow another app Hit Browse . Find the Discord path. In most cases it will be. C:/Users/ /AppData/Local/Discord Click the “Add Discord” button. After adding Discord, make sure you check both the Private and Public boxes.

If whitelisting Discord does not resolve the problem, you can temporarily disable Windows Firewall.

Discord can be made functional again

Follow the list and Discord will be back on track. If that fails, you can try updating, resetting or uninstalling Discord. If you experience “RTC Connecting”, you need to fix browser issues and implement the recommendations here.

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