How to Fix Error su-42118-6 on PS4

Are you unable to update your PS4 software because of error SU-42118-6? Do you know how to fix this Error? F95ZoneUS has some solutions. These solutions can be used to your advantage.

PS4 System Software Update Error: SU-42118-6 Occurs

You can update your PS4 when new PS4 software has been released. However, the update process might encounter an error such as PS4 error SU-421118-6. This Error will cause a black screen and display the error code PS4. A problem has occurred SU-422118-6.

If you get this error message SU-42118-6, your PS4 will not be updated successfully. This Error must be removed. This post will help you to resolve the PS4 update error code SU-42118-6

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What does SU-42118-6 mean in PS4 Error?

You may get different error codes when using your PS4: SU-41334-4, E-8210604A, CE-43461-8, and SU-42118-6. Software issues can cause these errors, but others are not. The PS4 system software upgrade error SU-422118-6 is not software-related.

This issue is common, we believe. This issue will cause your PS4 to go into a restart loop without you having to update the PS4 software.

This is why it happens. This happens whenever the ribbon connector between your motherboard (BD-ROM) is damaged. This Error can be seen when the ribbon connector between your motherboard and BD-ROM is broken.

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You should now know that the reason for the PS4 error SU-422118-6 is an incorrect assembly of your PS4 hardware. This could also cause your PS4 to turn off randomly. This can cause your PS4 to not communicate with its BD-ROM. This means that your PS4 cannot be updated successfully.

How to Fix the PS4 Error: SU-42118-6

You now know the cause of the PS4 error code SU-42118-6. Now it’s time for you to resolve the problem.

These are some things you can do in order to fix the PS4 error code

  1. Verify the BD-ROM ribbon connection between the drive and motherboard.
  2. If they are broken, replace them.
  3. Replace your PS4 hard drive.

Some users have reported that the PS4 error code appears again after they update the PS4 software on the new hard drive. Please check your cable connections if this happens.

All things considered, if you get the PS4 error code SU-42118-6, it is important to inspect your console to ensure that all connections are secure and that no components are damaged.

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