How to fix iPhone 12, 13, & 14’s “Last Line Not Available”

Do you keep getting the “Last Line No Longer available” error on your iPhone 13 every time you try to call your default number? This is not a common problem. This error has been reported by many iPhone 13 users iOS 15.

The problem is reported to be common with the iPhone 13 series. However, the issue can also affect older iPhone models running iOS 15. We have prepared a guide to help fix the “Last Line No Longer available” error on iPhone 13. Let’s now get into troubleshooting mode to look at possible solutions!

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9 Tips to Fix the “Last Line Not Available Longer” iPhone Error (2022)

It is important to understand the problem and find a solution. Before discussing the causes of this persistent error, let’s first look at the options available to fix it.

What causes the iPhone to display the ‘Last line no longer available’ issue?

The ‘Last Line No Longer Available” error is not new. It has been present on Apple iPhones since iOS 12. The issue affects dual-SIM iPhone models that are supported . This includes iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max.

A user attempts to call the default line using the phone app’s logs. An error message appears on the screen that says, “Last Call No Longer Available.” Are you able to make a call from your remaining?

If you have more than one SIM on your iPhone, iOS allows you to set your default phone number (phone number) for iMessages and FaceTime. The iPhone allows you to call or send a message to someone not in your Contacts list. You can set the default line for calls or messages, and then use the other for data.

This error prevents users from calling a contact using their preferred SIM card. They are then forced to use the remaining phone line for this purpose. We will help you fix the “Last Line No Longer Available” error on your iPhone 13.

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iPhone 13: Fix the “Last Line Not Longer Available” Error

Turn On/Off Airplane Mode

Last Line Not Available

Believe it or not airplane mode is my primary troubleshooter for any network-related issues. Resetting the radios is my go-to solution for any network glitches. It works more often than you might think. Before you move on to the next fix, be sure to give this hack a try.

  • Swipe down from the top left corner (on iPhones with no home button) to access Control center to enable it. Tap on the plane mode icon.
  • Wait a while, then tap the airplane mode icon. This will turn off your network connection and turn it back on. To verify that the “last line not available” issue has been resolved, dial any contact using the SIM card you have selected on your iPhone.

Clear your Call Log

Last Line Not Available

Many iPhone users who experienced the “Last Line No Longer Available” error reported that clearing their call log solved the problem. Although it sounds strange, some solutions out of the box have been used in the past to resolve issues. Don’t miss this opportunity.

  • Open the Phone app on iPhone. Move to the Recents tab at bottom and then tap “Edit” in the top right corner. Next, tap “Clear” in the upper left corner of your screen. To confirm deletion, click on “Clear all“. Restart your iPhone.
  • After your device has restarted, you can call the default number. You have successfully gotten rid of the problem if the pop-up does not appear.

Force restart your iPhone

Force restart, also known as hard reset, flushes the cache and deletes any temporary files. This often works in fixing many iOS problems. This clever solution is worth a try.

  • iPhone 8 and later: Click the volume up button. Next, press and hold the volume down button. Next, press and hold down the power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • iPhone 7/ 7+: Hold the power button and volume down buttons simultaneously until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • iPhone 6s/ 6+ or older: Press and hold the power and home buttons simultaneously until the screen turns black and the Apple logo appears.

Switch between SIMs

iOS lets you switch SIMs to make calls. You can change the default phone number for messages and calls, even if it has been set as your default. You can switch SIMs on your iPhone if the “Last Line No Longer available” issue prevents you calling the default line.

  • Tap the button right next to the contact that you wish to call -> your default number -> alternate number .
  • To manually dial a number, tap on the primary number to select the alternative SIM.
  1. Update Carrier Settings

You can also update the carrier settings to resolve the “Last Line No Longer Available” issue on your iOS device. You can fix the problem by updating your carrier settings on your iOS device. It is a good thing that carriers often release updates to improve the performance of the cellular network, and fix random problems.

  • Navigate to General-> About in the Settings app. You may be prompted to update your carrier settings.
  • Next, click ” update” at the prompt. You are now good to go!
  1. Removing and reinserting your SIM

Is there a solution that works for you? You can remove the SIM card from your phone and re-insert it. This age-old trick can often be used to fix cellular problems. To remove the SIM tray from your iPhone, turn off the device. Wait for a while and then insert the physical SIM card.

To turn your device on, hold down the power button. Try placing a call with the default line on your iPhone to see if the ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ error prompt still appears.

Reset Network Settings

When I encounter a network-related problem, resetting network settings to factory default is the only thing I do. We recommend that you also try this trick, as the e-SIM error ‘Last Line No Longer available’ seems related.

  • Go to the Settings app > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone ->Reset -> Reset Internet Settings.
  • Enter your device passcode and click the ” RESET Network Settings” button in the popup to confirm.
  1. Reset All Settings

Removing all settings and resetting the device can solve common iOS problems. We recommend this next solution to fix the “Last Line No Longer Available” error on your iPhone.

  • Open the Settings app for your iPhone. -> General > Transfer or Reset iPhone. -> Reset-> All Settings.
  • Enter your device passcode, tap ” Reset all Settings” to close.

Update Software

Many bugs are now included in iOS versions. Some bugs are fixed in subsequent updates. Others, particularly the less-reported ones, remain for a long period. Some bugs continue to appear from time-to-time. We listed the most frequent iOS 15 issues and solutions in our linked article. Although it may sound harsh about Apple’s mobile OS, this is the hard truth.

A bug may be causing the problem if you still have trouble making calls through the default line. The problem could be solved by updating the software.

  • Go to the Settings App on your iPhone -> General-> Software Update, and download the most recent iOS version.

iOS 15 or later: Resolve the ‘Last Line Not Longer Available’ issue

These are all the tricks and tips you can use to fix the “Last Line No Longer Available” error on your iPhone 13 (or older iPhone models). The problem is most likely network-related, as we have already mentioned. Resetting your network settings or updating your carrier settings will likely resolve the problem.

Let me know if you could fix the “Last Line No Longer Available” error on your iPhone. Let us know if you have any other suggestions to fix this frustrating issue in the comments section.

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