How to fix the can’t see party members issue in Lost Ark

PictureThis: Two Lost ArkBoth players share characters in theSame server and same want toPlay together. They meet by the Chaos DungeonBulletin board in Luterra CastleBut they are still surprised toYou will find that neither one of them can. seeEach other, despite their differences in theSame location theSame server.

Having never experienced this phenomenon before, they’re likely to think that it’s some sort of bug and restart theGame toTry to fixIt is most likely to no avail. LittleDo they know this? the sprawling and popular MMO’s servers intentionally feature in-game population counter-measures designed to mitigate theServer load and system wear that can simultaneously render a large player-base unusable can lead to server overload and system wear.

Channels: Inter-server sub-servers

How to fix the can't see party members issue in Lost Ark

WhatThese players experienced is theSegmentation of channels FiveEach individual has channels Lost Ark server, further dividing each server’s players into smaller, more manageable populations.

WhenWhen a player joins a server they are automatically placed in one of the following: the five channels based on each channel’s collective busyness, with thePlayer automatically joins the clearest channel available. OnceLogged inA player can switch channels by choosing a different channel theDrop-down menu available at theTop-right the user interface, above the mini-map.

TheThe process of switching channels takes approximately five seconds toReload theserver, followed by a ten-second delay put inPlace to deter rapid server-hopping. WithAll of it inKeep in mind that a group of players may want to play together. toPlay together, they first have to toCoordinate both theServer and theThey plan to channel it to meet on.

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