How To Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Error

YouTube is one the most popular social media platforms. OnceThis app allows you to spend as much as 2-3 hours binge-watching videos. Worth your time! ThoughThis is a very popular app. Users are complaining lately that it is not working as they expected. YouTube continues to pause in between. AreAre you one of them? DoThis is a problem you may also face? Urggghhhh! ThatIt’s so irritating. ItIt can ruin your mood.

YouMillions of people use Tube to view content from all types. With YouTube allows you to view, download and upload videos quickly. YouYou can even share them to your family and friends. ButEven though it is very popular, this app still has some issues.

WellThere could be many reasons. YouTube continues to pause ItYour internet connection may not be working properly or your app needs to update. WellWe have the solutions to your problem, no matter what it may be.

TheseWith simple instructions, fixes are simple to follow. SoNext time you visit, YouIf you experience a video interruption while watching YouTube, these are some solutions.

Why Does YouTube Keeps Pausing?

How To Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Error?

IfYou have been using YouTube You have probably faced other problems with this app for quite some time. VideosIt is rare to get paused. ButThis problem should be addressed if it is recurring.

YouThis issue could be caused by YouTube’s default settings, browser issues, outdated software, slow internet connection, etc, etc.

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How To Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing?

WhenWe are here to help you, so you don’t have to worry. HereWe have listed some of the solutions. YouTube Keeps PausingThere are several things you can do to fix this problem.

1. Check YouTube Auto-Pause Settings

Check YouTube Auto-Pause Settings

IfYour YouTube will pause a video and pop-ups asking for help may appear. ContinueObserve, then, that your auto-pause feature has been enabled. ButYou can easily turn it off, so don’t worry. YouAn extension can be used to turn it on or off. 

ThoughWhile there are many options, it is important to know that not all of them will work in all browsers. IfIf you are looking to extend your reach, then you can use this option. AutoTube-YouTube nonstop is an option Firefox Chrome. IfYou want to install AutoTube on ChromeThese are the steps to follow.

  1. FirstDownload the AutoTube extension and then adding it to Chrome.
  2. ClickOn the Add Extension option.
  3. ThisExtension will automatically be installed. You can then watch. YouTube videos without pause

IfYou want to install AutoTube on FirefoxThese are the steps you need to take:

  1. OnThe Mozilla AddonsGo to the AutoTube.
  2. PressYou can choose the option AddTo FirefoxAdd it to the equation.
  3. YourThe add-on will be installed and activated immediately.
  4. TheNext time, see the ContinueYou can quickly resume your videos with this extension by watching tab

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2. Check Your Internet Connection

IfIf you have any problems with one YouTry to play another Tube video. If you see that the videos are taking longer to load or the video buffers for a long time than the usual time then you know something’s fishy. JustGo to the other app, or you can do a GoogleSearch to see if your internet connection is stable. IfIf you notice that there is no loading, we recommend that you either restart your router or contact your internet service provider.

3. Clear The YouTube Cache

How To Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Error?

YouTube cache stores some of your videos from earlier and will quickly load again when you try playing them again. ButYour app may slow down if you have too many videos stored in the cache. This may cause your videos to be paused more often. HereThese are the steps to get rid of the YouTube cache

  1. OnOpen the settings option in your browser or on your smartphone.
  2. SearchFor the YouTube app, then go to the storage option and memory option.
  3. LookClear cache and then apply it. MakeClear data is not recommended. YouTube data will be deleted.

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4. Update The YouTube App

IfIf you still have no luck after clearing the cache, restarting the app and trying again, it could be that you are using an older version of the app. EnsureYou are using the most recent version of the app. UnderYou can find the apps section under the apps option. YouTube. SeeCheck to see if any updates are available.

5. Free Up App Storage

How To Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Error?

AnyApp needs sufficient storage space to run smoothly YouTube, too, requires space to store the cache for videos you are watching so you can enjoy your favorite videos without any hiccups. HenceYou will need space to store the downloaded videos. WhenIf your phone doesn’t have enough storage, it could cause problems and even damage. YouTube videos may pause randomly when you try to play them. ClearYou can delete some files and then run the app again. This may resolve the problem.

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6. Turn Off Remind Me To TakeA Break Feature

How To Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Error?

If your “remind me to take a break” option is enabled then you have to turn it off, here’s how to do it:

  1. GoTo the YouSetting the tube.
  2. ThenYou can also visit the general section.
  3. Turn off the option that says “remind me to take a break.”

YourVideo will not pause any longer

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Wrapping Up:

SoThese were just a few ways that we discovered to prevent it. YouTube keeps stalling issue. TheseThese steps are very easy and you can test them out to see if they work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Fix Auto-Pause OnA Browser?

TheThe most efficient way to fix it YouClearing your cache, history, cookies and cookies will enable Tube auto-pause to occur. GoClick on the history option in the menu. ChooseClear browsing data followed closely by the advanced option. Finally, check the boxes that say to remove data, cookies and cache. Now press on “all-time” in the time range and then click on clear data.

Q. Why Is YouTube Pausing On Smart TV?

IfYou can see that you YouTube is not working on your smart TV. You will need to ensure that you have a high speed internet connection. CloseRestart all background apps that are not used YouTube app

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