How to get all four endings in Trek to Yomi

ThePath toBeat Trek to YomiForks at a couple points, for a total fourDifferent endings. ThreeThey all come down to a particular choice — these are obvious. What you might not realize is that there’s a secret fourth ending you can get too. ReadOn toLearn how toUnlock all four.

PathThis is Love, PathThis is Duty, & PathThis is Fury

TheseThese three are interconnected. DuringThe adventure will have you at three different points. toChoose your path. TheThe first two are irrelevant toThe end: The only option that matters is at its end Chapter 6. When facing the spirits, you’ll be given a final trio of choices. We won’t spoil what each ending entails, but choosing love, choosing duty, or rejecting the gifts will getYou can the PathThis is Love, PathThis is Duty, or PathThis is Fury ending, respectively. It’s really that simple. IfYou want toSee more allThe endingsIf you don’t want to replay the entire game, save your game and save the file so that you can play it again later. inCloud or local storage

Early End

TheFourth ending actually occurs much earlier, at end of Chapter 3. This is the first time you’ll face Kagerou as a samurai yourself, and you’re meant to lose the fight — getting caught inOne of his multi-hit combos is enough to finish you off. HoweverIt is possible, although it is difficult. toYou will win this fight. It’s not unlike the first phase of the Kagerou Demon boss battle at the game’s finale. HeThere are two main attacks: the aforementioned combination as well as single, heavy slashes. ForYou should consider the combination as your best option at this stage. toJust roll away. ForThe single strikes, counter and parry are the single strikes to deal damage. LookYou might be able to detect the glent. toYou will be the winner Doing so gets you a special, early ending that we won’t spoil either. At this point, you’ll want toReload your save file and you will lose the fight. to see the rest of the game’s chapters.

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