How to Get an Inactive Instagram Username (Claim Instagram Username)

Get an Inactive Instagram Username: ConsideringThe current popularity of Instagram, it wouldn’t be wrong toThis social networking platform is dominating this market, according to some. Instagram holds millions of active users’ accounts.

PeopleLove toShare their day-to-day experiencestoYou can see day-today pictures on this platform. Influencers endorse brands and make a living. Brands also engage customers and increase their conversion rate.

FindingThe right username InstagramIt can be possible to turn things around toIt can be a very challenging job if your skills are not advanced Instagram Username Generator. YouYou must not let go of creating anAccount with a funny username.

ManyUsers create their accounts, use them until the end, then uninstall the app.

AlsoThese people often forget their account login details. AsThe username becomes inactive and it is impossible to create a new user account using that username.

SoHow do you get a username? InstagramThat is taken and claimed inactive InstagramYou have a username that is no longer interested using the platform?

In this post, we’ll walk you through the complete guide on how to get an InstagramUsername already taken

In fact,

TheseThese are the same strategies that you can use toSend an email Instagram to delete anInactive account and fix it Instagram username taken but does not exist.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to Get an Inactive Instagram Username (Claim Instagram Username)

YouCan easily claim inactive InstagramIf you have a username account that is already taken, you can file a report of trademark infringement or impersonation account. KeepKeep in mind that if you file a trademark violation report, you are taking legal action against the account.

Here’s how you can:

claim inactive instagram username

  • HereYou have four options to get a taken username.
  • SelectThe option that best describes you. You may select “SomeoneCreated an account pretending to be me”.

claim inactive instagram username

  • NextProvide information such a name, email address, etc.
  • AfterThat UploadTo verify your identity, take a photo of yourself with your card.

claim inactive instagram username

  • OnceOnce you have filled in all details, click on the Send button.
  • That’s it, within 24 hours, you will receive anEmail to InstagramThank you for your inquiry.

In case if above steps are not working for you then don’t worry. YouAlternative methods are also available to get taken Instagram username.

Video Guide: How to Claim Inactive Instagram Username in 2022 – Get Taken Instagram Account

Alternative Ways to Get an Inactive Instagram Username

1. CopyrightOr TrademarkThe Username

TheSmartest way toTransfer the account toThis is done by obtaining the trademark as well as the copyright. OnceYou can file a complaint if you have the trademark to InstagramReporting copyright infringement issues

ManyThis tactic helped people get their accounts back. YouYou must create a story or content that includes the username of an inactive account.

YouYou can then file a claim stating that the InstagramYour content is being used by account TheTrick may require a strong plan but it can close the inactive account. FinallyAfter you click the button, your username will be displayed.

2. Try to PurchaseThe Account

SureThe account has been inactive for quite some time. But that doesn’t mean the owner of the account isn’t using the platform. YouSurprised? toSome owners will happily sell their accounts.

ButHow do you get in touch with them? AsThey are inactive Instagram, there’s a high chance they don’t check their InstaNotifications or DMs

SomeUsers can share their contact information, such as email addresses and a link. toTheir website is in bio InYou can reach the owner in such cases by contacting them. toContact them for more information.

But what if you can’t find their email idAnd other contact details. Don’t worry you can use the Instagram Email Finder and Instagram Phone Number FinderTools toGet their email address and telephone number.

If you come across an inactive profile whose owner wouldn’t check or reply toYou can try your DMs. toCheck out their other social accounts like FacebookOr Twitter. Let’s say the username of the account is “jimmybacktravel”. YouYou can search for the username on other social media sites.

AnotherWay toGet in touch with the owner toCheck out their followers and mentions. YouContact their followers (who appear). to be their close friends) and get the owner’s contact info from these people. ThisThe trick only works if the account has a small number of followers.

OnceYou will need to contact the owner to make an offer. What’s the value of the account to you? HowHow much are you willing to spend? toPay toThis account can be purchased DoesDoes the owner accept the offer

3. Make Account Appear Less Valuable

ItIt might sound strange, but it works! IfYou want what you really want toBuy an inactive Insta account and the owner isn’t ready toYou can make the deal less valuable by settling it.

YouYou can do this by signing up for other social platforms with the same username. ForFor example, you could create anAccount on FacebookLinkedIn, Snapchat, etc with the username “jimmybacktravel”.

NowIf the account is not on the various social platforms, it loses value and its owner is less likely to be found. toThis account can be reused again.

4. WaitFor the Instagram to Delete Account

InstagramIt is doing its best toMake the platform authentic. ItFake followers and accounts created by bots are strictly prohibited. Instagram deactivates an account that doesn’t abide by its terms and conditions.

There’s no guarantee that the inactive account you want toBuy will be deactivated InstaIt is possible, however. LongAccount deactivation can be caused by inactivity, spam accounts, or fake followers.

Furthermore, you don’t get a notification for inactive account deactivation. ToKeep up-to-datetoYou must follow the account to which you are referring and keep checking their follower list.

If their follower count drops dramatically overnight, there’s a high chance that Instagram has removed the bot’s account. TheUsernames of accounts that have been deleted InstaCan be sued toCreate a new account

Final Words:

I hope you guys can now easily get it. an inactive InstagramAfter reading this article, you can create a username IfIf you have any questions, please feel free to ask toLeave a comment below

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