How to Get Apex Legends Newcastle Stone Skies Skin Twitch Prime Gaming May 2022

HereThis is how toClaim the Newcastle Stone Skies SkinOther cosmetics Apex LegendsIf you have a Twitch Prime account.

EveryMonth in Apex LegendsExclusively for you, a brand new bundle has been released Twitch PrimeMembers receive a free membership These bundles contain a SkinFor a particular LegendAs well as other cosmetics, which are typically a BannerFor the same LegendAußerdem können Sie auch eine T Get und get all sowie them as Refer des Des Und dar out her tend Weapon Skin.

These bundles are only available for a limited time, so it’s best toYou should claim them as soon they become available. They will likely not be released again. ForYou toBe eligible toTo claim these bundles, your must have: Amazon PrimeYou must link an EA account with your account, and both accounts must be linked toYou will be able toClaim the rewards on your account ThereThere is only one bundle for an account.

Free Apex Legends Newcastle Stone Skies Skin – May 2022 Twitch Prime Bundle

AsAs mentioned above, each month there is a new bundle. toGet the bundle for free! May 2022It is available to claim now.

Here is a step-by  step guide on how toClaim the Newcastle Stone Skies Skin bundle:

  1. Go toThe Amazon Prime GamingWebsite and search Apex LegendsOr Click hereFor the direct link.
  2. You will then see the ‘Newcastle Stone Skies Bundle’. Click ‘Claim now’.
  3. EnjoyThe in-game content! IfIf the game is already open, close it and restart it. You should see a message saying the Prime BundleIt has been claimed.
Newcastle Prime Gaming Pack
Newcastle Prime Gaming Pack

HereWhat you will get in this book Prime Gaming May 2022 Apex Legends Bundle:

  • Newcastle Stone Skies Skin (Epic)
  • Newcastle Banner Frame (Rare)
  • Peacekeeper The Real Teal Skin (Rare)

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