How To Get BTS Crystal In Free Fire? Get BTS Crystal In Free Fire In Garena Free Fire Max

BTS Crystal In Free Fire

A new set of BTSA new line of crystals featuring a particular theme was launched by Free Fire MAX. In Free Fire MAX, BTS CrystalsThey are available in seven different types of activities. InThe recently announced ‘Exchange Part 2’ event, Free Fire MaxUsers can get the free software CrystalBy exchanging a specific amount of Neon Stick Tokens.

How To Get BTS Crystal In Free Fire In Garena Free Fire Max?

  1. Open Free Fire MAX and go to ‘Gen FF’ section.

  2. Tap on the ‘Exchange Part 2’ event.

  3. Redeem BTS CrystalBy exchanging 100 Neon Stick Tokens.

Free Fire BTS Crystal Release Event Calendar

  • Gen FF: From 25 MarchUp to 16 April.

  • BTS Exchange- Use BTS JewelTo Redeem Costume: From 25 MarchUp to 16 April

  • Neon Stick Exchange – 1: From 25 MarchUp to 16 April.

  • Neon Stick Exchange – 2: From 2 AprilUp to 16 April.

  • Aftermatch Drop-in Clash Squad Lone Wolf Mode: From 25 MarchUp to 16 April.

  • Map Drop-in Battle Royale: From 25 MarchUp to 16 April.

  • Four Double Neon Stick Token Drops: 9 April.

  • Warm Up Mission: From 28 MarchTo 3 April.

  • PlayTo get Tricky Jolly Pet Skin: From 1 AprilUp to 10 April.

  • BTS Week Mission: From 4 AprilTo 15 April.

  • Redeem Golden Undaunted Sports Car: From 4 AprilTo 15 April.

  • Booyah Challenge: From 8 AprilTo 15 April.

  • LogRegister for the Free Breezer Skyboard: 9 April.

  • Weekend Playtime: From 9 AprilUp to 10 April.

  • Pop Sway: From 2 AprilTo 15 April.

Free Fire 

Garena Free FireThis is a battle royale video created by 111 dots Studio AndReleased by Garena. InIt became the most downloaded smartphone app in 2019 In2019 Google Play StoreThe “Best Game” award was given to the game.Best Popular Vote Game” honor. AsThis is May 2020, Free FireIt has exceeded 80 million active users per day around the globe. Free FireOver $1 billion has been made worldwide by the artist as of November 2019. 

On September 28, 2021, Free Fire Max, a graphically enhanced version of Free FirePublished worldwide,,

Free Fire Gameplay

Garena Free FireIt is an action-adventure, third-person battle royale game that is only available online.

A battle royale game involves 50 players parachuting onto an Island in search of weapons or equipment to kill each other. PlayersYou can choose your starting position and then equip yourself with weapons and supplies to extend your battle life.

ThePlayers’ ultimate goal is for the island to be inhabited by 50 players online. This means that opponents must be eliminated and they must be the only survivor.

TheThe game’s safe area shrinks over time, forcing survivors to move closer and requiring interactions. TheRound is won when the last remaining player, group, or team wins.

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