How to Get Free Volcanic Assassin Quest Fortnite Skin Pack – Epic Games Launcher

The Volcanic Assassin FortniteSkin pack available for free at the Epic Games launcher. Here’s how toTake the complete pack.

If there’s one thing Epic Games are good at, it’s providing their players with free cosmetics. EveryYear during Christmas, EpicProvides players with a chance toGet your hands on free cosmetics

TheCosmetics can be obtained by completing challenges and opening presents in a room. ThereThere are many other events throughout the year, including a summer event where you can get more cosmetics for free.

ThereCups and other tournaments are available along with free PlayStation cosmetics. StoreThese offer more possibilities toGet cosmetics absolutely free

PC gamers also get an occasional skin. MostRecently, PC players were able to toGet your hands on it BlizzabelleShop for outfits in the item shop December.

WithData miners leak that there would be a free skin pack for all PC players after the final major patch update of Season 3. Volcanic Assassin pack. It’s now available for players using the Epic Games Launcher, and here’s how to get it.

Free Tectonic Komplex Fortnite Skin

The Volcanic Assassin Quest PackGet the following cosmetics free:

  • Tectonic Komplex Outfit
  • Fiery Jam Back Bling
  • Sulfuric Street Shine Pickaxe
  • Fiery Flow Wrap

Here’s a better look at each cosmetics:

Volcanic Assassin Fortnite Quest Pack

Head toThe Fortnite Item ShopScroll all the way toThe bottom. Scroll up twice and you’ll find the pack available. Click the quest pack and click “purchase”.

Once, you’ve done this, it’ll take you through the normal Epic Games order process, but you won’t have toIt is not expensive. You’ll unlock a set of quests that can be found by heading toThe quests tab.

Volcanic Assassin Pack Quests

To unlock the skin, you’ll need toYou can complete the three very simple challenges listed below.

  • Ignite Structures (100) – unlocks back bling
  • Survive Storm Phases (50) – unlocks wrap
  • DealDo you have damage? to opponents (2,100) – unlocks pickaxe

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