How to get more copper in Back 4 Blood

CopperThis is an important resource in Back 4 Blood. Before you begin each CampaignMission, you will need toTake the time to do it right toConsider what items you are looking for inThe shop you should buy from CopperYou already have. WithThat in mind, CopperYou will only come across one entity as you explore the area. HereThis is how to get moreIt is.

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How to get more Copper in Back 4 Blood


First, CopperEach will be randomly placed throughout the year Campaign mission. AsExplore, but be sure toLook for hidden resources incorners, rooms, even cars. YouYou can break the window on cars to grab whatever is sitting inside; just be sure you don’t set off an alarm.


How to get more copper in Back 4 Blood(*4*)ScreenshotDoubleXP

ThereThere are many cards that you can unlock that will give your team and you various boosts toYour Copper income. UnlockThey in Supply LinesConsider adding them to your list to your deck.

Complete Challenges

AtThe beginning of each level is the Game DirectorWill play Corruption CardsYou can also find out more about a ChallengeFor your team toTry to complete. Itcan often be found completing the level with all CleanersYou can keep your life going by being alert, limiting your incapacitated times, finding a container, and taking it with you toThe end, or defeating a boss. IfAll members will be accepted if you meet the criteria getA substantial boost toThey Copper totals.

Enter Ridden Hives

IfYou have access toThe TunnelsThis is Terror expansion, you can enter Ridden HivesWith your team, where can you find a lot of loot? inNew levels. IfIf you don’t have the expansion, you can still play with a friend to gain access to these areas.

Ridden HivesPlay as hard as possible and have hordes attack you every now and again as you look toEscape or continue on into madness. OccasionallyYou can also getA CorruptionHere’s where you can find the more CopperYou will be slowing down if you hold on. DuringThese sessions more CopperYou will find the area and the income could be worth the slowdown.

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