How To Get Paramount Plus On LG

DoYou are aware of the demand LG SmartTelevisions are increasing in popularity day by day. AlmostEvery day, it introduces new services to its users. TheThe latest introduction is that SmartTelevision models come in the following styles: Paramount Plus TV. Wow! That’s something new. AreYou are tempted to add Paramount PlusOn LG? DoYou know how to get Paramount PlusOn LG? IfIf so, this post is for you.

Paramount PlusApp offers you a variety of series, movies, TV shows, and more. YouYou can even view the live news and sports events. Isn’t that great? WellYes, it is. ButOne thing is important to remember ItIs that? Paramount PlusThis feature is not available on all models LG Smart TV. SoBefore you sign up, make sure you check which TV is compatible before you do. Paramount Plus.

If you don’t know how to get Paramount PlusOn LGThen, the first thing you need to do is to download the Paramount Plus app. AfterOnce you have installed the app, activate it. Paramount PlusGet your LG Smart TV. AfterYou can watch your favorite shows whenever you like.

TheTo activate, you will need to follow the following steps Paramount PlusOn LGBelow are the TVs. SoTake a look at these pictures and then follow the steps below. I can assure you it’s really very simple.

Is Paramount Plus Available On LG Smart TV?

How To Get Paramount Plus On LG

TheFirst, you need to get to the Paramount Plus app. YouYou can access the built-in with the help LGYou can store content on the LG Smart TV. 

YouIt is important to ensure that LGYou have the 2018+ TV model. MoreoverIt should also be compatible with WebOS 4.0 or higher. 

ForOther models from the past LG SmartTV: You can use the LGScreen sharing app so you can get Paramount+ with AndroidiOS devices and other apps on your LG Smart TV. now let’s get to know How To Get Paramount Plus On LG?

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How To Download Paramount Plus On Your LG Smart TV?

How To Get Paramount Plus On LG

NowIf you’d like to learn more, please click here How To Get Paramount Plus On LGThen, you will need to download and install it. SoHere are the steps to follow:

  1. OnTap on the remote control to activate it Home button.
  2. NowClick here LG Current Store menu.
  3. WithWith the virtual keyboard, you can type with ease Paramount Plus.
  4. FromThe results you get, choose the app and then go to Overview screen.
  5. NowChoose the InstallClick on the button to start Download Paramount Plus.
  6. SelectThe launchOption to open Paramount PlusApp on your Smart TV.

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How To Activate Paramount Plus On LG Smart TV?

How To Activate Paramount Plus On LG Smart TV?

AfterAfter downloading and installing the app you will need to activate it. Paramount PlusGet your LG Smart TV. SoThese are the steps you need to take:

  1. FirstYour? LGTV: Open the Paramount Plus app.
  2. GoTo the settings menu. SelectSign in
  3. HereTwo options will be available to you: On MyTV and On
  4. YouClick on the option. On My TV. WhenThis option will prompt you to enter the information you have entered. Paramount PlusCredentials on your LG TV. 
  5. IfClick on to view the activation code and the login code.
  6. WhenClick on the option and then go to the Paramount PlusSite activation
  7. NowYou will need to enter the activation Code Paramount Plus. NextClick on the activate button.
  8. ForVerification: You will need to enter the again Paramount Plus credentials.
  9. OnceOnce it is verified, you can then use it to verify your LGTV You will be able stream all the shows you want Paramount Plus.
  10. ButIf you click on the option On MyTV, then you will need to enter the credentials Paramount Plus. ThenYou can watch the content.

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How To Watch Paramount Plus On LG SmartTV With LG Screenshare?

AfterYou have activated the Paramount PlusApp on your TV. Do you not want to miss out your favorite shows? No, right? SoThese are the steps to take to make sure you’re watching Paramount PlusGet your LG SmartTV with LG screen share:

  1. FirstTurn on your LG Smart TV. UseThe same Wi-FiTo connect your TV and your mobile device.
  2. NowGet your SmartphoneDownload the Paramount Plus app.
  3. NextPlease open the Paramount PlusSign in to your account using the app
  4. ChooseClick on the show you wish to watch and then click the CastOptional icon
  5. FromChoose from the following list LG SmartTV, and connect it.
  6. NowEnjoy your favorite shows on your TV.

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Alternate Ways To Watch Paramount Plus On LG SmartTV

Alternate Ways To Watch Paramount Plus On LG Smart TV

DoYou are aware LG SmartCasting and Air are supported by TVPlay functions? IfYou are an LGThis option is available to TV users. YouStreaming can be done Paramount PlusBoth from your iOS and Android devices. Android devices. Here’s how to do it:

  1. FromInstall the app or play store from the Google Play Store. Paramount PlusApp for your iOS or Android Android device.
  2. IfUse Android SmartphonesDo not then enable the Cast feature.
  3. ButIf you have an iOS device, you must manually enable it AirPlayYour feature LG TV. ToDo this go to home dashboard. Select AirPlayTurn it on. ThenSelect Every time you need code option.
  4. AfterYou have opened this app on your smartphone. SmartphoneLog in to your account
  5. PlayAny video that you have taken from the app.
  6. NowClick on the cast or AirPlaySelect icon LG TV.
  7. YouNow you can see the videos from Paramount PlusApp on your LG TV. That’s How To Get Paramount Plus On LG.

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Wrapping Up:

NowYou know how to get Paramount PlusOn LG. ThisThis is a guide that you can use to answer all your questions. IfIf you are still unsure, you can contact us via the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Get Free Paramount Plus?

YesGet free access to the following: Paramount PlusYou can start a free trial on the official website of Paramount PlusYou can.

Q. Why Is The Paramount Plus App Not Working On Your LG Smart TV?

IfThe Paramount PlusApp does not work on your device LG SmartTV, then you can close it. YouYou can also update the app, reset your TV and then start it again. TheseSolutions should solve your problem.

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