How to get Petalouda Scales in Final Fantasy XIV

Petalouda ScalesThey are a valuable resource toFind out in Final Fantasy XIV. You’ll want to find these if you’re looking toCraft Enhanced Manganese Ink, Sungold Firesand, or Commanding Craftsman’s Draught. ThereThere are many ways to do it. toThese items are not difficult to obtain. Here’s what you need toLearn more about how to get Petalouda Scales in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to get Petalouda Scales

ThereThere are only two possible ways toThese scales are available for purchase. YouThey are available from Petalouda mobs you find inBuy the game or play it. Gemstone Traders. Petalouda ScalesPrinted inThe Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion. ThereforeYou will need toIf you wish, you can access this expansion toFind them or buy them.

Where toFind out Petalouda

ThereThere are many places you can find it PetaloudaSpawning in Final Fantasy XIV. OneThe best places toFind out what this creature is called in Elpis. WeWe recommend that you make your way toThis region and then going toThe southwest toThe Twelve Wonders. HereYou can check the flower beds in this area. PetaloudaYou can hover above them. UnfortunatelyThese creatures may have their scales drop slightly. toThe process of creating spawn can be time-consuming.

How to get Petalouda Scales in Final Fantasy XIV

Gemstone Traders

TheAlternate options toTalk to the Gemstone Traders inThe Endwalker regions. You’ll want toTalk to Gadfrid in Old Sharlayan, Sajareen in Radz-at-Han, or Aisara in Elpis toBuy them. ItTwo will be the price Bicolor Gemstones toPurchase a Petalouda Scale. ForThese are better for those who prefer to work on FATEs. toSpend your time wisely and it will be easier.

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