How to get the Carian Piercer sorcery in Elden Ring

Long ago, during theMany people enjoyed the network test thePower of the Carian Piercer spell. ThisIt is one of the Carian Royal Family’s spells and is well worth obtaining if you can reach it. WhenThis spell is activated by trusting your staff forward as a spear. A magical greatsword is summoned that impales those unlucky enough to be impales. toKeep standing inIn front of you. ChargingThis spell increases theThe first step toMake your reach more. ThisHorseback riders who ride on horses are at high risk of being struck by spells. HereHere’s how you can get the Carian Piercer sorcery in Elden Ring.

How to get the Carian Piercer sorcery in Elden Ring

ToThis is what you need sorceryYou will need toMake your way to Liurnia. ThisIs theRegion to theNorth of Limgrave. YouThis area is accessible via the Internet inThere are two options: going through or going through. Stormveil CastleOr taking theCliffside path around the castle. BothThere are many routes that will take you there to theSimilar area, but going through theCastle is a more dangerous option. to the Margit Godrick boss fights. WeRecommendations: theIf you are new to the area, consider the cliffside trail to thegame or underleveled

OnceYou can reach LiurniaMake your way. to theSection northwestern theThe other side of theLake area ThisThis is where you will find it Caria Manor. ToReach theManor, you will require toContinue reading the Kingsrealm Ruins. Attack theAt wall theEnd of theRuins toMake it disappear, and reveal thePath leading to to the manor. BeTake care when you go up to the manor. ThereThere will be spells that bombard periodically theArea that you want to avoid. Stick to theRight side when you enter the manor. ThereThere will be many. Fingercreepers inThis area. EitherAvoid them or take them out as they can easily cause death even for high-level players. WhileFollowing theRight side of theYou will find a variety of a Dung Beetle. Destroy theBeetle and you will get the Carian Piercer spell.

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