How to get the Comet sorcery in Elden Ring

AreAre you tired of? theNormal glintstone spells which fire a small shard or pebble? Well, theA bigger spell might be the solution. MaybeSomething theSize of a comet The Cometspell allows you toSend a large magic comet at your opponent. ThisYou can cast spells repeatedly and simultaneously inIt is also a great tool against any foe. YouThis spell can be charged toIt will increase its effectiveness. NotIt is not recommended for basic spells. HereHere’s how you can get the Comet sorcery in Elden Ring.

How to get the Comet sorcery in Elden Ring

ToThis is what you need sorceryYou will want toTravel to Liurnia. ThisIt is theRegion to theNorth of LimgraveOn theOther side of Stormveil Castle. Youcan get to LiurniaYou can either go through or around the castle. OnceYou can reach LiurniaYou will need to getInside the AcademyOf Raya Lucaria. ToTo do this, first grab your hand. the Academy Glintstone KeyFrom behind theDragon on theThe western side of the academy. AfterwardGo toEither theGate to theNorth or south, and inter-act with theMagic barrier toGet access. ThisThis will take you to the right place to the main gate.

TravelThrough theacademy until you reach the Debate Parlor SiteOf Grace. ThisIt is the SiteOf GraceThis is unlocked after beating the Red WolfOf Radagon boss. While it isn’t necessary toThis is how you unlock it SiteOf GraceIt is very useful in obtaining this spell. Go to theRoom directly before the Debate ParlorLocate theBookshelf that doesn’t have any books. Attack the bookshelf toMake it disappear and reveal a corridor behind it. In theIn the next room you’ll find a chest with contents the spell.

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