How to get the Elden Stars incantation in Elden Ring

Among theIncantations and sorceries in the Lands BetweenThere are also legendary spells. TheseAre theMost powerful of all theYou can get spells and the Elden Stars incantationIt is one of them. This incantationCreates a mass shot stars that assail theYou can strike your opponent by moving in the right direction. This incantationWhen all is said and done, it can cause a lot of damage. theStars hit. HereHere’s how you can get the Elden Stars incantation in Elden Ring.

How to get the Elden Stars incantation in Elden Ring

ToThis is how you can get it incantationYou will first need toReach the Deeproot Depths. ThisIt is one of theUnderground areas for late-game games YouYou can only reach this area inTwo ways to get there: the Capital CityFrom and sewers the Siofra River Aqueduct dungeon. TheIt is easier to do this. toRead on Siofra River. OnceYou can reach theGo through the aqueduct the dungeon and defeat the Valiant Gargoyle boss. OnceYou can interact with this boss, he is defeated theCoffin theBottom of theWaterfall to getA cutscene At theEnd of theCutscene, you will reach Deeproot Depths.

OnceYou can reach Deeproot DepthsGo! to theArea where all of theRoots are intertwined over the chasm. Use theRoots toReach a cave the cliffside. ThereThere will be a lot of ants in the area so be prepared toYou can deal with them. GoThrough theCave toReach theCliff on theOther end where there are flying ants YouYou will be able toGrab the Elden Stars incantationFrom the cliff. Make sure toDeal with theAnts are a very serious threat.

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