How to get the Forpe Island Token in Lost Ark

Lying in theSeas just southwest Anikka’s port city of ChanghunIs theInsel of Forpe. AsOne of Lost Ark’s many explorable islands, players can complete Forpe’s quests and challenges toGet your island token. HoweverThis island has a fun, if not goofy, boss fight. to earn its token — one that, for some strange reason, involves self-detonating chickens.

InitiallySetting foot on ForpeIt is not an easy task. theIsland is included in Lost Ark’s sprawling list of Adventure Islands. Once per day, the Adventure Island system randomly picks a series of three islands from a total list of around 30, and spawns them at 7 AM ET sharp — no earlier and no later. PlayersLooking for Forpe’s content need to check inOn Procyon’s CompassDaily toCheck to see if it’s scheduled toYou should plan ahead for what might happen toNavigating toIts location in the SeaThis is GienahBefore it happens.

Much AdoAbout Chickens

How to get the Forpe Island Token in Lost Ark

OnceOn dry land, players can find that theRequirements to participate in Forpe’s field boss are relatively minimal. ParticipantsOnly a level 50 character is required with as little as Item Level 250 in equipped gear to deal damage to Batuark, the island’s resident stone golem.

While BatuarkIt is strong enough toHe seems to be able endure almost all incoming physical attacks. to have one remarkable weakness — chickens. OpeningChests scattered all over theisland, players can transform into chickens using an explode button These adventurers-turned-chickens can group up and coordinate an area-of-effect explosive attack on Batuark’s legs, dealing massive damage tohim in the process.

When defeated, BatuarkWill explode inA pinata with unique drops, including a Wolf Mount, a Secret Map, and Forpe’s island token. However, theDrop rates of these goodies depend entirely on RNG, so multiple returns are possible to ForpeIt may be necessary toFind out theIsland token.

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