How to get the Hammer in Elden Ring

DoYou dream of becoming a blacksmith. DoYou can have what you want toYour mighty smithing tool will show off your skills. Well, the HammerIt could be. theYou have the weapon. ThisBasic HammerHits hard and is able toInfuse your food with AshesOf War toScale it however you wish. The default weapon art on the HammerIs KickThis allows you to kick opponents toBreak their guard. ThisWeapons theFor strength toHelp you getThrough theGame and then some. HereHere’s how you can get the Hammer in Elden Ring.

How to get the Hammer in Elden Ring
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ToTo obtain this weapon, first you will need to getIn the Capital City. ToYou will have this result. toGet at least two Great RunesFrom the bosses in theAreas leading up to the Capital City. The bosses you can collect the Great RunesFrom the top toThis area is Radahn, Godrick, Rennala, Rykard. OnceAt least two are required Great Runes, you can enter the Capital CityFrom theNorthern side defeated the Draconic Tree Sentinel.

AfterEnter theFind your way through the city the upper levels to the main street below. YourGoal is toReach the top the dragon statue on theFar side of the city. OnceYou can reach theFollow the main street until you reach a doorway. the right. ThisYou will be led down a flight of stairs toWhere theWing of theThe dragon statue is. Climb thestatue and follow thewall toReach the West Ramparts SiteOf Grace. FromThere, go down theJump off the wall GoInside theNearby buildings can be used theRooftops close to theTree root. YouWe will see it! theThis building contains the following: theSame as Roundtable Hold. Go to theWhere? HewgIt would normally be. ThisYou will find it here the Hammer.

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