How to get the Magma Shot sorcery in Elden Ring

MagmaIf you know how to use it, it can be a powerful tool. toHandle it. MagmaBoth are required for spells Faith Intelligence toUse them, but they can be changed thetide of a fight The Magma Shot sorcery allows you toA lump of magma should be ignited so that it explodes when it comes in contact. YouThis spell can also be changed toIt will increase its effectiveness. ThatThis allows you to take advantage of talismans that increase charged damage. LeaveYour foes are cowering inFear of your newfound abilities HereHere’s how you can get the Magma Shot sorcery in Elden Ring.

How to get the Magma Shot sorcery in Elden Ring

ToThis is what you need sorceryFirst, you will need to have toTravel to Volcano Manor. ThisArea is at theTop of Mt. Gelmir in Altus Plateau. ToTo reach this area, first you will need to get to Altus PlateauCollect theTwo halves of the Dectus MedallionFrom Fort Faroth Fort Haight. YouThen, you can use the medallion toactivate the Grand LiftOf DectusThat will get you there to the plateau. YouYou can also traverse the dungeon innorthern Liurnia toReach the area. OnceYou can reach Altus PlateauYou can find out more at theLooping path theentire area and all the way along the BridgeOf Iniquity toReach Volcano Manor.

OnceYou can reach Volcano Manor, talk to Tanith to join the manor. SheYou will be a gift the Drawing Room Key. UseIt toAccess theDrawing room down the hall. HereYou will find a letter here the table. ReadIt in themenu toYour first assassination target will be found Old Knight Istvan. YouYou can find theInvasion sign for this target in theNorthern part LimgraveWhere theColiseum is. GoThere is victory and there is defeat Old Knight Istvan. AfterwardReturn to TanithShe will reward you with her kindness the Magma Shot sorcery.

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