How to get the Ninja skin in Fortnite

Richard Tyler Blevinsaka NinjaIt is one of theThe biggest streamers in the world. BreakingThrough to theMainstream and helping thePopularity of Fortnite grow, NinjaThe iconic blue hair of his is an option skinYou can! get in the game.

Ninja’s skinAvailable for purchase in the FortniteShop for items HisThe outfit is tastefully influenced by theNamed after a blue hooded jacket and yellow headband. ThereThere are four different styles available. the skin. TheFirst is NinjaWithout a mask and with his hood down. TheSecond has NinjaWith his hood up and his blue mask on. TheThese are the last two theSame as theFirst two. TheThe only difference is that he’s wearing a NinjaHis mask skin inHis eyes are blue and his eyes are black

The Ninja BundleThis package is available for 2,000 v.bucks and includes the Ninja’s Edge back bling, Dual KatanasHarvesting tool the Ninja Style emote. YouYou can also buy each item individually. TheBack bling is included the skinBut the skinEmote, harvesting tool, as well as emote can be purchased for 1,500, 800, or 300 v-bucks, respectively.

The Ninja skinReturns are usually accepted to the FortniteShop for a New Streamer skinDrops theVery first time. SoIf Ninja isn’t in theStore at theThis is your time to read it. to check out theYou can shop at that time. It isn’t a guarantee, but it has happened in the past.

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