How to get the Rock Blaster sorcery in Elden Ring

ThereThere are many kinds of sorceries in the Lands Between. OneYou will see it most often in glintstone sorceries. TheseSorceries were created by the AcademyThis is Raya LucariaThey can be very powerful if used correctly. OneThis is theGlintstone sorceries can be very powerful. the Rock Blaster. ThisMany people use spells the miners in theCaves and allows you toBefore you give your staff power, empower them before you put it into. the ground. ThisIt creates a shockwave which damages opponents. YouThis spell can even be held down toAlways strike the ground. HereThis is how you can. get the Rock Blaster sorcery in Elden Ring.

How to get the Rock Blaster sorcery in Elden Ring

ToThis is what you need sorceryYou will need toFind your way to the Caelid region. ThisIt is theRegion to theEast of LimgraveAnd the Mistwood. YouWhen you get to this area, you will know. theGround will take on a reddish hue. TheThe area you are searching is the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. This dungeon is in theMitte of the CaelidNearby region thetown of Sellia. Youcan getYou can get here very quickly by going to the Dragon-Burnt Ruins in LimgraveNear Agheel Lake. Open theThere is a trapped chest to getTeleported directly to Sellia Crystal Tunnel. JustYou must be certain to rest at a SiteThis is Grace after teleporting or you won’t be able toFast travel

GoAround theFirst room the dungeon toReach theTunnel on theThe other side of the wooden wall. Follow theTunnel until you find the ladder. Climb theLadder and enter theNext chamber GoAll thesmall wooden bridge and into theGet in the shack theOther side. Open the chest in theShack to obtain the Rock Blaster sorcery. BeBe careful the pest enemies along the way. TheirRanged attacks can be very brutal if you’re at a lower level.

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