How to get the TheGrefg skin in Fortnite

David Cánovas Martínez aka TheGrefgIs it a SpanishStreamer and content creator HeCurrently, holds the number eight spot for the most followed channel on Twitch. Thanks toA collaboration with Epic Games, TheGrefgNow, he has his own skin in the hit battle royale Fortnite.

The Grefg skin depicts Martínez shirtless with red and yellow pants, but it has a reactive ability where if you get a kill the skinHis eyes turn red, and his eyes turn yellow. The BallOf PowerBling that comes with it The Grefg skinReactive turning is also possible from black to red.

YouCan you buy the skin in the FortniteShop by item inThere are a few different ways to do it. The GrefgBundle Includes the skinHis harvesting tool the StaffOf Control, and emote Controller CrewFor 1,800 V-bucks The skinYou can also purchase the harvesting tool, emote, and emote separately for 1,500, 800, 300, and 300 vbucks each.

If you’re a fan of TheGrefgI came across this during a time when he was struggling to find the right words. skinIt is not in the store it isn’t theEnd of the world. EpicAdded new content creator skins to its website. Iconseries and usually when a new skinHits theShop thePrevious ones will arrive a few more days later and stay. YouYou may be able to toBe patient and keep waiting for the right time.

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