How to get the Tibia’s Summons sorcery in Elden Ring

ThoseWho has been lost inDeath is quite powerful. LuckilyThere is a way. toThese unholy spirits can be summoned The Tibia’s Summons sorcery allows you toYou can summon spirit skeletons, which will attack your foe before they disappear. Thisspell summons three Skeletons that attack thethe same target, and then instantly disappear. This sorceryIt is among the top theFew people will need both. Intelligence Faith to use. SurprisinglyIt takes a decent number of points in both stats use. Here’s how you can getYou can do it! the Tibia’s Summons sorcery in Elden Ring.

How to get the Tibia's Summons sorcery in Elden Ring

ToThis is what you need sorceryFirst, you will need to have toFind your way to Altus Plateau. ThisIt is theArea to theBoth north and both Limgrave Liurnia. ToYou will need to access this area to obtain theTwo halves of the Dectus MedallionFrom Forth Faroth in Cealid Fort Haight in the Mistwood. OnceYou have theTake your completed medallion to the Grand LiftOf Dectus innorthern Liurnia toAccess the plateau. YouYou can also get to theBy traversing plateau the dungeon at theEnd of theravine inNorthern Liurnia. ThisIf you are a newcomer, it is not recommended to thegame or under-leveled

OnceYou can reach theYou will need a plateau toHead to the Wyndham Ruins. TheseRuins can be found in theThe western part of Altus PlateauAlong theBorder to Mt. Gelmir. YouThey are easily accessible from theRoad that leads north to the Shaded Castle. In theRuins, you will find a Tibia Mariner boss. TheseBosses are easy to defeat. JustYou must be certain to avoid theIt will summon many skeletons toIt can defend itself. TheFight against this MarinerIt is exactly like theOne in Summonwater VillageWith minor adjustments and a new address. After defeating the Tibia MarinerYou will be notified. the Tibia’s Summons sorceryAs your reward

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