How to get the Void Bell in Rogue Legacy 2

Throughout your journey in Rogue Legacy 2You will find carious HeirloomsWhen acquired, they grant special perks. WhenExploring the kingdom, there will be certain locations that you won’t be able toAccess normally HeirloomsUsually, you can increase your normal abilities. toThese restricted areas are accessible only to authorized personnel TheBumps granted by theHeirlooms are important for your progress and are permanent. in the game. OneOf theRarer heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2It is Void BellLet’s see how it works. to obtain it.

PlayersWill be able to obtain Void Bell in Stygian Study. UnfortunatelyThere is no guarantee that you will be able to acquire the property. the HeirloomYou will have toSearch theuntil you stumble upon one.

Once you obtain Void BellIt will change the way you live your life Dash to Void Dash. ThisIncreases theDistance covered in a DashAlso, you get to enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Advisory Board. theCapacity toCancel it mid-dash (*2*), you’ll be able toPass through VoidDoors and access Void Lifts.

Keep in mind it’s vital to obtain Void BellYour progression in the game. ItAccess to the Internet requires a password the Estuary Enoch’s boss fight and the Sun Tower. ItIt is also necessary toA few locations are available Pishon Dry Lake.

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