How To Hide Snap Score

SnapchatIt is a popular app that allows users to send photos and video to their friends and family, with all the animated messages and fun. YouYour ability to increase your productivity is easy Snap ScoreYou can share your photos and use fun filters. HoweverThere may be times when it is necessary to conceal your identity. Snap ScoreUnknown people SoFor such cases, you need to know how to hide Snap Score.

SnapchatMany amazing features include Cameos, Snapchat Scores, Streaks, etc. DoYou know what you are. Snapchat Scores? WellThese are the best ScoresThe mathematical value calculated based upon the number of SnapsYou can send and receive. MaintainingThe streaks to be high Snapchat ScoresIt has become a social status.

Now let’s come back to your question, how to hide Snap Score? Umm, there are two ways to do so: you can either remove a friend or, you can even change your profile’s visibility settings. But don’t think that it ends here. ThereThere are many steps involved in this process.

As there’s no official way to hide your snap score, following the below-mentioned hacks will surely help you do the same. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Snap Score?

How To Hide Snap Score?

If you don’t know what is a Snapchat Score, don’t worry, it’s nothing really big of a deal. Snap ScoreHere is a count for the total SnapsThis app shows you the messages and replies that you have sent or received. Every SnapThe message you send to family members or friends will be added to your Score. InThe same applies to any other. SnapsYou will also receive help from your friends. Score. Interesting!!

This Snapchat ScoreYour friends will see the information you have added to their profile. SoYour friends will be able see you. ScoreWhen they check your Snapchat profile. ButPeople who aren’t your friend are not added SnapchatYou will not be able view your Snap Score.

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How To Hide Snap Score?

How To Hide Snap Score?

ItIt is difficult to know how to hide Snap Score from those whom you don’t know. ButDon’t worry, we’re here to make it easier.

  1. OpenYour SnapchatApp.
  2. GoYou can add friends to your friend list, and then choose a user.
  3. ClickVisit their website. bitmojiAnd then the Menu option.
  4. ChooseThe option that says RemoveRefer a friend.
  5. YouYou can click on their bitmoji to open the settings option.
  6. You need to scroll down and come to the Whocan section
  7. Choose the contact me option. Here you can change your default settings from everyone to my friends.

But there are two ways by which you can even do it:

1. Remove A Friend

This is perhaps one of the methods to hide your Snap Score. 

You will have to open your Snapchat account. Now, from the friend list choose a friend and click on their bitmoji. When you are directed to a new screen, there from the top right-hand side corner of the screen you have to select Menu. From the list of options that you see, choose the option Remove friend.

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2. Change Profile Visibility Settings

This is the second method. 

From the camera screen, you will have to click on your bitmoji to get access to the settings option, which is present at the top right-hand side corner of the screen. Now, scroll down to the Who canSection, and,Then choose the option Contact me

Now you haveTo change the visibility settings from Everyone to the option My friends. In this way, you can hide your Snapchat Score from strangers.

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How To See Others’ Snap Scores?

How To See Others' Snap ScoresHow To See Others' Snap Scores

You know how to hide Snap Score, but what if you want to see others’ Snap Scores then it is important that you and that person are friends on Snapchat. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Open Snapchat and then log in to your account.
  2. Open chat screen.
  3. Click on your friend’s profile whose Score you want to see.
  4. Tap on the profile icon
  5. You will get to see their Score next to the username.

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How To Increase Snap Score?

Oh God, are you scratching your head coz your Snap Score is not increasing? What do you do? Are you wondering how to increase your score? 

Before we jump on to discuss how to increase snap scores we need to know how are these scores calculated. 

Well, your Snapchat Score is calculated with a secret and special equation that includes the number of Snaps that you have sent and received. The stories that you have posted along with other factors.

So, if you really want to increase your Snap Score then start posting your stories on Snapchat quickly and start sending more and more snaps often. You can even add more friends to expand your reach.

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Why Can’t You See Others’ Snap Scores Even If You Are Friends?

How To Hide Snap Score?

Why is it that you are not able to see others’ snap scores? Hmmm, suspicious!

If you are not able to see other people’s Snapchat Scores, then it could be because that person has unfriended you. Snapchat will not send any notification if someone blocks or unfriends you. So to verify this, send them a message. 

If you get to see a grey icon or an arrow next to the message then it should ring a bell. This means that the person has either removed you or has unfriended you. You will get to see Snap Score only if you and your friend have added each other as friends.

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Wrapping Up:

So, these were a few ways by which you know how to hide Snap Score. In this way, you can protect your Scores fromRefer a friends and from unknown people. To increase your Snap Score start sending your friends and families more and more Snaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Decrease Your Snap Score?

Well, there is actually no way by which youcan decrease your Snap Score. If you stop sending and receiving Snaps or if you stay inactive on Snapchat then it won’t help to decrease your Snap Score and it will be idle only.

Q. Can You Fake Your Snap Score?

If you want to fake your Snap Score then you can just add any random celebrity on Snapchat and you can send them many Snaps. Ooo-hoo celebrity huh!

In this way, you can increase your Snapchat Score real quick without needing to send any Snaps to your friends. When you send Snaps to celebrities then your Score will increase really quickly. You can even add yourself on Snapchat and send many Snaps to yourself. ThisMethod will also help toIncrease your Snap Score.

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