How to Hook Up Cable Box to TV without HDMI  

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An HDMI cable is the best way to connect your TV to a receiver. You may need to find other ways to connect the two devices if your TV or receiver doesn’t have an HDMI port. There are many other options to HDMI.

How can you connect a TV and a receiver with no HDMI? Any RCA audio cable, a composite video cable or an HDMI converter can be used to connect a TV to a receiver without HDMI.

You can connect your TV to your receiver or any other device that doesn’t have HDMI ports. It’s only a matter of a few cables that you can get the sound from your TV into your sound system.

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How to Hook Up Cable Box to TV without HDMI | Options for RCA Cables

There are many RCA cables that come in a variety of colors.

You might have also seen the article about how to connect a soundbar with a TV without HDMI, Optical or Optical . In this case, RCA cables will be your best option, especially for older equipment.

Basic RCA Audio Cables

Two connectors are included in a basic RCA audio cable: a red and a white. This RCA cable transmits only audio and can be used to connect your TV to your receiver using the RCA jacks. Simply match the red and blue cables to the red jacks.

A basic RCA audio cables will be available for less than $10 in any tech store that sells them.

Composite Video Cables

Composite RCA cables were used before HDMI cables. They could be used to connect audio and video components from one another. They come in three colors: red, yellow, and white.

A composite video cable includes a yellow RCA connector as well as a white RCA analog audio connector. Because you only need one cable for video connections, it is called a “composite video cable”. You can also find composite video cables in any tech store. Amazon has a variety of lengths for cables such as the Cmple composite video cable.

Component Video Cables

A component video cable transmits a video signal using multiple connectors/cables, as opposed to one in a composite cable. Three cables are used to transmit video: red, blue, and green.

There are two options: you can purchase a component cable with only these three cables, or you can get one with five RCA components. This includes the red and white audio connectors. The 5 RCA component video cables are required to transmit audio from your TV’s receiver to your computer.

Use an HDMI Converter

A converter can be used to connect the two components. A converter allows you to connect your HDMI to HDMI cable one side and your RCA-RCA cable the other.

As long as you have the correct cables, the converter will enable you to convert your digital signal into an analog signal.  

How to connect your TV and Receiver without HDMI

It is important to determine which cables you will need in order to connect your TV to your receiver without HDMI. This depends on what ports your devices have. Once you have your converter and cable, you can start.

1. Power on Your TV and Your Receiver

Turn on the receiver and TV first.

2. Connect the Cable(s), and/or Converter in

Make sure they are connected to the correct inputs. These cables are often labeled “Audio”, “Component,” or “Composite”. Use the colors to guide you in deciding where to plug them in.

3. Change the default speaker on the TV to one of the external speakers you’ve connected

This process will vary depending on the TV. However, it can be found in the sound section of the main settings. You will change the default speaker on your TV from the built-in speaker to the external one you have just installed.

4. Check Your Setup

Once everything is connected, turn up the volume and check if there’s any sound. You should now be able to hear the music or dialogue from the video. To use a different TV or receiver, unplug the cables.


You don’t have to be discouraged if your TV is unable to use an HDMI to HDMI cable to link it to your receiver (more information on HDMI cables in our guide). You can connect your TV to your receiver using any of the above options for a better home audio experience.

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