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Genshin ImpactThis game is full of many intricacies-game quests. One interesting quest in the game is “the other side of Isle and sea,” which requires the gamer to hut down murals around the archipelago. InOur course of action Genshin ImpactGuide, we will show you how to find other murals within the game. WithoutLet’s not stop there.

Guide On How To Find Other Murals In Geshin Impact

Murals In Geshin Impact

ItIt is important that you note that murals can be found in different places and that there is no specific order that one can follow when searching. WhenIf you see a mural, make sure you take a photo and observe them.-Game photograph of the mural WhenEach primogem is worth 40 points. Mystic Enhancement Ore, 30,000 Mora, and 3 Hero Wits.

List Of Mural Locations In Genshin Impact

1. Minacious Isle Mural

InThe Minacious MuralIf the gamer lands on the teleport point, they must glide eastwards until reaching a rock formation.

WhenThe player should go to the left side of the rock formation. There they will find the murals they are looking for on one of the walls. TheLast thing you should do is to take a picture of the mural.

2. Broken Isle Mural

AnotherA mural can be found in an interesting spot where gamers can find it. Broken Isle Mural. ThisAnother mural that is considered one of the most difficult to paint is mural Genshin Impact. ThisThis is because the player would have to solve a puzzle to reach it. StartingThe player would need a teleport waypoint to get to the rock formation.

ThisThis is where the gamer would find the greatest deal of joy. Dodo King’s painted wall. TheThe next step would be to remove the wall. ItWith the help of a Wind-Blessed HarpastumYou will then be able to solve the puzzle and get the mural. ThisThe mural would be on the right.

3. Twinning Isle Mural

FirstIt is important to point out that the mural location is located in the bottom portion of the island. TheTwo waves of enemies would be required for a gamer to defeat. HilichurlsBefore they can interact with the mural. HilichurlsThe two-way nature of most things is what makes them so important to be prepared.

The Genshin ImpactGamer would need to move from teleport point to the southern portion of the island.

4. Nameless Islet Mural Location In Genshin Impact

FirstIt is important that you note that Nameless IsletThe mural is located on the fog-hidden island. ThisInsel in Genshin Impact can be found in the quest named: “A Trip Through FogAnd Wind”.

ToTo be able reach this island, the player must be there between 10.00 and 14.00. YouYou can reach the island by going on to the twin island and then sailing with the Waverider.

5. Nameless Island Mural Location

TheNameless is the last place to look for a mural. Island Mural location. ThisYou can reach the place with the Twining IsleTeleport waypoint FromFrom this spot, the player can glide to the island’s center.

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