How to make an icebox in Don’t Starve

Since it’s called Don’t StarveIt is not surprising. toNo one can be your primary objective. inThe game is toHave constant food sources TheFood is like any other food. It will eventually spoil and turn to rot. LuckilyThere is a way toYou can slow down food spoilage and keep it fresher for longer periods. What you’ll need is a handy dandy icebox.

DependingIf you’re lucky, iceboxes could be one of your last structures to build for your base. This is because they need gears to make. GearsThey are a rare resource that can only been found by defeating clockwork enemies and digging them up from their graves. in tumbleweeds. AlthoughGears are hard toyou only need one tocraft an icebox.

IfClockwork enemies include the clockwork knights, bishops, and rooks. makeMake sure you have at minimum log armour, a spear, or ham bat, as well as a football helmet. TakeYou must take them one at a time or they will attack you and easily defeat your. TheThe clockwork rook is capable of doing a lot of damage, so be careful.

How to make an icebox in Don't Starve
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TheOther resources that are required include stone blocks and gold nuggets. GoldIt is located inRock with gold veins is common inRockyland biomes They’re also all over the ground inYou can find graveyards if you look for a place where the deceased sleep. IfYou can trade the meat of the pig king for gold if you find him. anUnlimited resource

StoneBlocks are made by repurposing three stones. All you’ll need is a science machine and to mine some rocks, and you’ll be on your way. CraftingThe iceboxIt is necessary an alchemy machine which you will most likely have by the time you’re making your fridge.

IceboxesThey are one of the most important things that you can build in your base due toWhat they do for you toYou can keep large quantities of food for longer periods. TheySlow spoilage is 50 percent. This is when your individual food items first appear. toThey don’t have to go bad; you can make them delicious! in a crockpot to makeBetter food that lasts longer Try toFind the right materials to makeYou can build more than one fridge to keep more food.

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