How to perform a Slingshot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A new move in Super Smash Bros. UltimateWas just discoveredBy Calvin “GimR” LoftonHe claimed that it could change the meta. The new move is called the “Slingshot” and the technique combines multiple smaller mechanics toCreate something that is known aBufferable input shortcut IfYou are aIt might be something you’d like to be a competitive player toAdd toYour repertoire of moves.

The SlingshotThe player is required to make two control stick movements. in very quick succession. IfIf the move is done correctly, your character will run. in aDirection, but not going backwards

ThereThere are three ways a player can pull off a sling shot, according to toWhat GimR explained inHis in-depth video.


Theflickshot will allow the player toFly through the air inThe opposite direction at maximum airspeed

  • Make a dash move in a certain direction. AfterTurn the control stick. toThen, jump to the other end.
  • ThisThe player will be launched backward at maximum airspeed toJumping while the player is at maximum ground speed.


TheHold on! aLonger inputs that can be taken by the player inThe opposite direction inBefore you place your back, take a look at the air. inThe fight.

  • Dash in aControl stick in one direction. toThe bottom of the opposite side toTurn, then jump.
  • ThisMove will work in a similar way toThe flick shot. HoweverHold the control stick. inYou will get the speed you need in the opposite direction. toSpace is available with minimal delay
  • ThisMove works well if your need is met toPressure aMoving and shield toSafety while returning attacks.


ThisMove is also aLonger input is better inThe air inThe opposite direction. ButThis allows you to toReverse the trend inThe direction you were facing after your jump.

  • Dash in aControl stick in one direction. toThe bottom of the opposite side toTurn, then jump. DuringThe first frame, while you are inThe air you will require toRotate the control sticks from the downback to fullback.
  • ThisThe move is the same as the hold shot. However, the rotation of your stick on the first frame will give you more of aForward.

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