How to Post Private Story on Snapchat | 5 Easy Ways to Create Private Story

Snapchat allows you to share photos with multiple people privately or publicly. Sometimes, it’s not necessary to share all of our personal stories. You can limit who can see your Snapchat stories and posts.

Snapchat makes it possible to do this by creating a private Snapchat story. How to Post Private Story on Snapchat? This guide will give you all the information you need about Snapchat private Stories. Snapchat Private Stories allow only certain users to view your content. It is a slightly different process than the normal snap-sending process, but it is easy for all users on Snapchat.

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This guide will help you through every step of posting a Snapchat private story. You can also learn how to make a private Snapchat story and what happens after sending it. If you would like to send an image as a snap, follow this link to find the best ways.

What is a private Snapchat story?

Stories are the most popular and trending term on social networks. Snapchat Stories is used to show images and videos for a specific time, e.g., 24 hours. This includes photos and videos. You can upload image stories and video stories to your Instagram feed whenever you like. You and your Snapchat friends can view it. The story will remain on your Snapchat feed for 24 hours; then, it will disappear. You can only reply to the stories many times.

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You can post a Snapchat story publicly to all your contacts. You can also create a custom story if you wish to publish a private story. After creating a custom story, you can post it privately. You can choose who will view the story. You can also choose the contacts who will view the post before publication. You can only edit Snapchat’s private stories.

How to Post Private Story on Snapchat?

These steps to create and post a private Snapchat story are detailed with photos for easy understanding. Follow the below steps to post your Snapchat private stories for close friends.

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1. If you have not already, open the Snapchat app to log in.

2. Next, click on the profile icon (or bitmoji or story thumbnail) at the top-left of your screen.

3. Select the button that reads “+ Private Story” (or “+ Custom Story”) in the “Stories section.

4. It may ask you to confirm your selection by tapping “Private Story.”

5. Tap the recipient you wish to share your private story.

6. After choosing the recipients for your private story, take your photo or video and edit it.

7. To post your Snapchat private story, click on the Send button (the paper airplane icon).

How do you get anyone to join your Private Story on Snapchat?

If you cannot allow anyone to join your private story, you can modify your Private Story List to allow them to join the group if they ask. Here’s how:

  • Click on the three dots menu icon located near the Private Story tab.
  • Select the See viewers option in the menu.
  • Select the users you want to add to your Private Story.
  • Finally, click on Save.

How to create a new custom story

You can make a Private Story or Custom Story new. Then you can choose who can see it. Add Snaps to it using the Snapchat app. Follow the steps below.

  1. To create a custom story, first, go to your Profile page.
  2. Now, tap the’+ Personal Story‘ button.
  3. Next, choose the type of story that you would like to tell.

We can create up 10 custom or private stories at a time. Snapchat Android users cannot create new Snapchat custom stories or Snapchat private stories, but they can view the existing ones and add snaps!

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