How to survive bloodhunts in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt

Vampire: The Masquerade BloodhuntBattle royale is a game of subtle changes and additions which make it a unique experience in every match. OneThese additions are bloodhuntsThese are also linked to in-game challenges. This guide explains how to survive bloodhuntsYou can get as much experience and level up as you want.

TipsFor survival bloodhunts


If you’re the focus of a bloodhunt, you’ve got a target on your back, and every player on the map is coming to claim it. You can’t hide because an outline of you is revealed toAll other players. InsteadYou will need to run. FindAny way to avoid being in another player’s line of sight. MoveYou can run along alleyways and over rooftops. KeepYour verticality can be changed toYou should dissuade other players to follow you. IfYou can shoot at other players by using an ability toTeleport away or become invisible. OneOne trick we love to use is to place a teleport destination toOur left, run for five second, then teleport back toOur pursuers will be confused.

YouCould have toTake a stand and shoot the players who chase you. This isn’t always easy because they could be better equipped than you. Try toYou should make the most out of the environment. For example, fight near water so you can get a quick kill by a shark. TheThe key is that you need only one thing toRun for 60 seconds Once the timer has ended, you aren’t highlighted anymore. However, it’s worth running and finding a good hiding place just incase someone is still following your movements since the bloodhunt was active.

YouYou only need toTo overcome any challenges, you must outlive the timer toSurviving bloodhunts. TriggerYou can start a bloodhunt by eating on a human. Then, you should avoid other players for 60 seconds and then repeat the process. to surviveAs many as possible bloodhunts as possible inA single match.

WhatThese are bloodhunts?

Choleric blood feeding Bloodhunt

BloodhuntsAre you a state in Vampire: The Masquerade BloodhuntThat you can trigger by breaking The Masquerade. ThisThe law is inThe game that protects all Vampires, basically stating that you do anything to make them happy. toIf you can prove to the rest the existence of vampires, you will be hunted and killed. InThis game involves feeding on a person inFront of other people breaks The MasqueradeResulting inA blood hunt for you. TheThe result is that everyone can see your position on the map to see for 60 seconds, and they’re actively encouraged toHunt you down and kill.

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