How to unlock the Evergreen Jokes Achievement in Ravenous Devils

Ravenous DevilsThere are a few Achievements that can trip you up on your first playthrough if you don’t make theMost interactions are successful. SomeThey can even be hidden from view theway and may be completely under the radar until you look at the game’s Achievement list. This guide explains how toGet one of these rare items Achievements, Evergreen Jokes, so you don’t need toTry out multiple playthroughs.

Step 1: Get theMysterious seeds


OnceYou unlock the greenhouse, you’ll gain access toA new floor the house. This is where you’ll create fertilizer with bodies and grow vegetables toUse in fresh meals for the pub below. AfterYou can kill theSecond target Mr. J, you’ll get some mysterious seeds. TheseGet planted inA pot in theYou can get a greenhouse toYou can either ignore it or fertilize depending on your needs.

Step 2: Fertilize theGet seeds

To unlockThis AchievementFertilize theMysterious seeds It takes several days before the plant grows and then several more until it’s fully grown. WeFor seven days, we fed our plant at least twice per day. It eventually turned into a horrifying creature that looks like a snake. CowplantFrom The Sims.

Step 3: Speak to thePlant


TheThe plant that grows from theThe purpose of mysterious seeds is to provide mystery. toTell dark jokes. To unlock the Evergreen Jokes AchievementYou must hear them all. YouYou can check periodically inWith thePlant toListen to jokes between theActivities or click it repeatedly until it appears AchievementIt is complete. We’d recommend doing the latter because you know then that you’ve completed your goal and don’t need toUse the plant again. AfterThis is not something you can ignore the plant and don’t need toIt should be fertilized again. You can’t feed it bodies, trust us, we’ve tried, or do anything else with it.

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