How To Use Ani Game Bot Discord | Ani Game Bot Commands

EverHeard of Anime? OrA bot similar to it is named? Ani Game BotOn Discord. Yes, we’re going to discuss this only and will make you learn how to use Ani Game Bot Discord. ThisBot has influenced many hearts of many users. 

ThisBot deals Games Card related. UsersThis game can provide an unforgettable experience. This bot allows you to Communicate With players from all parts of the world. HereYou must defeat floor guardians to level up the floor.  EvolveYou can also enhance your cards to gain a lead in the bot. 

DreamingYou can learn how to use Ani Game Bot Discord? DoDo you know how to add this bot to your website? As expected, come. ForTo do this, you will need to open the official website Ani Game >> Login with your credentials >> select the Server of your choice >>> choose Permissions >>> tap on Authorize >>> verify through Captcha >>> Bot added. Tummy full? NotAre you interested in learning more? OhYou are, indeed! ThenRead on, what other questions can we ask?

Oh! SoYou want to know more! Come, we don’t have any lag, for you, information is always loaded like a gun, you just need to fire. NotJust bruh! WeYou just need to read. No, go…

What Are Ani Game Bot Discord Features?

ThisBot offers many exciting activities for you to take part in. community. Thisbot has access a variety of dungeons that you can use to have fun with your friends and other players.

Ani GameIt’s not just about creating a clan. You can also participate in battles and enjoy every aspect of the bot. Unique Boss EventAnother entertaining feature is the ability to fight at the hardest level with a boss. TheThe leaderboard gives more rewards to players who beat their opponents. ThereThere are other activities that relate to levels/stages. Rest depends on how well the player performs in boss events or clan fights.

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Ani Game Bot Discord Commands

Ani Game Bot Discord Commands

Ani Game BotMany users around the world have embraced it, as its commands make it so easy.

SoHere are all the details. Ani Game Bot.


  1. dshop 
  2. Redeem
  3. dbuy
  4. Shop
  5. Buy


  1. clan


  1. Items


  1. Trade
  2. tr
  3. Give
  4. Cooldown
  5. Market
  6. mk

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  1. present event


  1. Administrators of servers have general rights
  2. prefix
  3. Redirect
  4. toggleclaim


  1. Badges
  2. Badge
  3. Nick
  4. Sort
  5. inventory2
  6. inventory
  7. anidex
  8. cardinfo
  9. Info
  10. Team
  11. Select 
  12. Favorite


  1. Edit
  2. Profil
  3. Track
  4. profile 2
  5. raidpass
  6. gold
  7. stamina
  8. Marriage
  9. Createdat
  10. Diamonds
  11. donation
  12. donate
  13. Username
  14. Start
  15. Forecast
  16. Verify

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  1. massenhance
  2. enhance
  3. evolve


  1. Referral
  2. Hourly 
  3. Lottery
  4. Reminder
  5. Daily
  6. Compensation
  7. ping
  8. Leaderboard
  9. Invite
  10. Wedlock
  11. divorce
  12. Gamble
  13. Basics
  14. changelogs
  15. Findcard


  1. raid
  2. dungeon
  3. Dungeon
  4. StageBattle
  5. Battle fight
  6. StageCommands
  7. No Category 
  8. Help

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How To Use Ani Game Bot Discord?

How To Add Ani Game Bot On Your Discord Server

AddingThe bot will reach you Server This is a simple and easy task. HereThis is how to use Ani Game Bot Discord:

  1. OpenThe Official WebsiteThis is Ani Game BotGet your Web Browser.
  1. ClickOn the LoginThe button is located in the upper right corner of your screen.
  1. Sign-InYour official Email Address.
  1. SelectThe PermissionsYou wish to grant your wishes Ani Game Bot.
  1. FromSelect your desired option on the next page Discord ServerIn the Add Bot section.
  1. NextClick on ContinueTap on the button. Authorize button.
  1. VerifyYour IdentityAs HumanTo the Captcha.
  1. NowReturn to your homepage DiscordServer Dashboard and you’ll see Ani Game Bot AddedSend it to your server

StartEnjoy your favorite card games with the help of the commands already mentioned.

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How To Fix Ani Bot Not Working On Discord?

AsYou know how to use Ani Game Bot DiscordTake a look at these ways to fix it Ani BotNot WorkingOn Discord.

ManyTimes the Ani Game Botdefected, it might go offline without warning and then stop responding. AllThis is because of the bot Server Servers are down for various reasons. Please check the Invite Tracker Support Community Server. AndRemember to give the permissions you need. Invite TrackerBot, this can also be done from the Settings page.

Wrapping Up

TheLatest Japanese Anime RPG game has developed and it’s known as Ani Game BotFor Discord. In this game, you collect cards and fight with friends and opponents, sometimes on a higher level with “Unique Boss” too. Ani GameThe best card collecting experience Discord To every user. YouCommunicate and interact with real time PvP, upgrade or evolve your cards, and take charge of the leaderboards together with your team.


Q1. How To Use Discord Bot Commands?

Ans. Enter the command into the text box on a text channel and click “enter”. The bot will do it’s work, you follow the bot.

Q2. How To Enhance Cards In Ani Game?

Ans. YouTo enhance the card, you will need two copies at the maximum level. TheseTo enhance your card, copies of your card will be combined togey.

Q3. How To Select The Best Team In AniGames?

Ans. ThisThis is how team selection works Ani Game Bot is being done:

SelectCard >>> <cardid> >>> set <cardid> >>>Enter players name >>>Select position >>>Click on Done. 

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