How To Use Soccer Guru Bot Discord | Soccer Guru Commands

SinkEnter the The world of Soccer With Soccer Guru BotOn DiscordServers where you have the opportunity to enjoy predictions and LiveScores, FUT, FIFA cards and many other things are available, but you must learn how to use them. Soccer Guru Bot Discord.

WhoAre you not a football enthusiast nowaday? Sports They are the best way to have fun and have fun. AlsoThis can be viewed live and would give you a great thrill. HoweverThis bot offers many exciting sports, but we will not discuss them all. Soccer here.

ToKnow how to use Soccer Gurubot DiscordYou need to learn how you can add SoccerFirst, go to the Official Soccer Guru bot >>> tap on Add To Server button >>> LoginSend it to your Discord server >>> select the Server >>> give Authorization for the bot >>> check the Add Bot to server >>> click on Authorize button >>> apply Command >>> server ready for Customisation. Let’s see what the other section says.

SoYou now know the basics of a LilA little bit about adding Soccer Gurubot, but are you familiar with its features? Its commands? WhatWhat to do if it gets stuck? WeConsider it a no! SoBefore you add this bot to your server, you should read these carefully. So, 1, 2, 3 go read.

Features Of Soccer Guru Bot Discord

Features Of Soccer Guru Bot Discord

The Soccer Guru BotAccessible to DiscordUsers all over the globe. The Soccer Guru BotThere are many features that keep users interested during the match. TheThe main feature of the bot is that it allows users to place bets while judging the match. TheBot is based on a theme which allows players to create their own soccer team. It is also known as Ultimate11 by the bot. There’s a virtual economy system that functions within the bot. TheRest of the features are leveling off. GamingThe bot also features an incredible FIFA feature. 

UsersTeams can form teams with other teams or collaborate with other groups to fight with other team members. Discord. ThereYou can also vote for players, and rankings are created accordingly. TheAnother feature the bot offers is the cooldown function, and the Soccer GuruA premium package is available that allows players to unlock some of our most exciting features for a small cost. TheAuto votes, promotions and trackers are some of the most important features of the bot.

HoweverIf you love soccer, then the Soccer GuruBot is your entertainment source of choice. TheBot can be easily set up on the Discord server, and it received a rating only of 4.8 stars from the players of the whole world because of its services and offerings. 

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How To Use Soccer Guru Bot Discord?

How To Add Soccer Guru Bot In Your Discord Server

It’s damn simple to add the Soccer Guru BotSend it to your Discord server. BelowThis is the guide to adding the Soccer GuruSend bot to your Discord server. FollowThese are the steps for how to use Soccer Guru Bot Discord.

  1. HeadTo the Official WebsiteOf Soccer Guru Bot Place it on your server
  1. ThenTap on the Add To Server option.
  1. Next, log inSend it to your Discord server.
  1. AfterSelect the ServerChoose from the options below to show the Soccer Guru bot.
  1. Grant AuthorizationThe bot can control and manage your account Discord server.
  1. TickMark the Add BotTap on the button to connect to the server Authorization option.
  1. NowImplement the CommandProceed with Customisation Process

Soccer Guru Bot Discord Commands

Soccer Guru Bot Discord Commands

Soccer GuruIt is responsible for keeping you informed at all times. It keeps a record of every soccer match that takes place anywhere in the world. TheBot entertains players with live scores and commentary, and players love their place.

HereAre Soccer Guru Bot Discord commands enlisted:

General Commands

sg!faqs :: Frequently asked questions.

sg!help :: Commands list.

sg!info :: ProvidesInformation about the bot

sg!invite :: ShowsThe invite link to Soccer Guru.

sg!prefix :: ChangeThe prefix of the bot.

sg! premium : ListsPremium users get benefits

sg! togglevotereminder :: TurnThe bot will remind you to vote on/off.

sg!vote :: EarnAdditional credits, cards, and commands available.

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Guild Commands

sg!togglecat :: TurnYour guild can have on/off categories.

sg!togglecommand :: TurnOn/off commands for your guild

Cards Commands

sg!name :: Set your custom club name.

Premium Commands

sg!coach :: ShowsA coach profile.

sg!promote :: PromoteA server is included in your premium subscription

sg!teamstats :: StatisticsA team from the chosen league.

Sports Betting Commands

sg!bookmakers :: ListAll available Bookmakers.

sg!markets :: ListAll available betting markets

sg!predict :: PredictionMatch.

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Economy Commands

sg!daily :: ClaimDaily reward of 500 credits

sg!flip :: Flips a coin.

sg!money :: Check how many credits you’ve earned.

sg!rank :: CheckYour current rank

sg!ranks :: DisplaysList of ranks that users can get

sg!rob :: StealCredits from a user PayThe amount if caught.

Sports Commands

sg!country :: DisplayLeagues from the country that was specified.

sg!fixtures :: UpcomingFor a team: fixtures

sg!h2h :: HeadTo HeadResults between 2 teams

sg!lineups :: LineupMatch.

sg!quote :: GivesA funny football quote.

sg!table :: LeagueTable for a given league

sg!team :: TeamChoose the profile you prefer

sg!topscores :: TopscorersFrom a selected league

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How To Fix Soccer Guru Not Working?

SinceYou are familiar with how to use Soccer Guru Bot DiscordIt is important to know how to fix this. Soccer Guru Bot Discord. SometimesThe Invite Tracker BotIt may not respond or be offline. 

Some of these times, Tracker BotCould be an error, such as it might not respond or get offline.

ThisIt could be due to a bot Server You may be experiencing any kind of problem, so if this happens, you can check in the Track Support Community Server.

HereYou may also be interested in the most recent announcements and support channels. They’ll surely help you.

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Wrapping Up:

That’s all for how to use Soccer Guru Bot Discord.

Soccer GuruThe sport has been brought to your resting spot through the DiscordServer. With the help of commands, you can track what’s happening in live matches around the world. GiveYou can either bet with predictions to get a place or build your own. Ultimate XlWith the help of our virtual economy system, you can team up.


Q1. How To Use Discord Bot?

Ans. Enter “node bot. js” in the Command Prompt.

Q2. How To Turn On Discord Bots?

Ans. Website >>> Login (Discord credentials) >>> Authorize >>> Set Up.

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